Dating is hell

By Anonymous - 13/07/2014 18:34 - United Kingdom - Rugby

Today, I had my third date with a lovely guy. After I got home, I figured I'd try to see if I could find his Facebook profile. I did. His pictures were nice; lovely wedding photos for sure, and his newborn baby is adorable. FML
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I'm sorry but it's better that you find out now rather than later!

There are plenty more fish in the sea, OP:/


There are plenty more fish in the sea, OP:/

What a scumbag. Sorry OP, you deserve better. His wife clearly deserves better as well.

Well, did u send him a friend request?

I agree. I mean I'm really sorry OP, but think about his family. Especially the baby. It's sucks that it has a douche for a dad.

He could be separated from his wife for all you know. These things aren't easy to talk about. I hope you confront him at least.

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How does one have time for all of that?...

well it was his mistake, he should have used a fake name! just kidding OP! I am truly sorry for you.

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#128 if you put it that you're a guy on your profile you'll have a blue outline. If it's pink then they're a girl.

There are plenty of fish in the sea....unfortunately most of them look like Magikarp.

#66 I didn't ask for your goddamn opinion **** face, take your smart ass comments someplace else

746278Ab 14

I'm sorry but it's better that you find out now rather than later!

OP should tell the wife and spare her the agony of having a cheating scumbag for a husband.

I don't think OP telling the wife would work in her favor. She would just blame OP and hate her. Bearer of bad news and all that.

Greenteamextreme 16

But telling the wife would be the right thing to do...

I somewhat agree. But in all honesty, should she really care if the wife hates her? It's unlikely their paths will ever cross again, hopefully because they both dump the dingus. I'd rather know if my husband was a cheating scumbag, so I could tear him a new arsehole, then divorce him, instead of having him date a string of women over the years, and find out years later that I'd been betrayed from the start. Cruel to be kind.

Very true 117. I just meant it's a possibility that if OP told the wife, the wife might not even get mad at her husband and just think OP seduced him or something. I agree that telling her would be the right thing to do though, even if it is harder.

At least you found out now before the relationship advanced, OP

strawberrywine22 30

I'm sorry, OP. Are you going to tell his wife, or just let it go?

I hope she tells his wife! Just kinda seems like she should :/

I caught my best friends husband sleeping with someone else. I told her. She had a hunch he was cheating all along. But when I told her, she made ME the enemy, and went on a downward spiral. 2 years later, they're still happily married, but I lost my best friend who still refuses to speak to me. Before the downvotes commence: Not saying OP shouldn't let the wife know. You can do whatever you think is right OP. But if I, personally, could have another go at the this situation, I would have punched myself in the face before telling my best friend what I saw. So keep that in mind. All I did was hurt her, and their marriage is still thriving. She would have found out for herself eventually, whenever she was ready to look. And that way, it wouldn't have caused as much of a ruckus as me dropping the bomb on everyone.

22, sounds like she was a bitch and just wanted an excuse to stop talking to you. I'd much rather know if my partner was cheating on me so I could tell them to gtfo no matter how much I love them.

@22: Keep in mind this isn't her best friend, this is just a guy's wife that's she's gone on a couple dates with

@25. Uhm. Excuse me? But my friend was very sweet! You say you'd want to know whether your boyfriend was cheating NOW, but when things seriously come down to it... it's not so black and white. When you tell someone something they'd rather DIE than hear, you become the bad person for inflicting that feeling! On top of that. That man has a newborn baby! It's not only OP's life involved anymore. If the wife wants to know whether her husband is cheating or not, she will look. And that way, she'll be expecting the worst and will be ready for the aftermath. I find it very wrong when you waltz into someone's life (which was going well up until your arrival) and tear it apart with that piece of information. If she wasn't ready for it, or expecting it, she will be CRUSHED. And not only will you be crushing the wife, you'll be quite possibly be the cause of a divorce (A horrible thing. I had divorced parents). You may be stealing a childhood/parent away from a pure/innocent child. I wouldn't do it. Rather her look and find out for herself, then both husband and wife can sort out their OWN marital issues, which will have a higher chance of repair if nobody else is involved. And won't that be better for that newborn baby?

@29 If telling the wife her husband cheated, is a way for OP to show that guy some sort of innate retribution. Isn't that self absorbed/motivated? And it won't be complete justice because OP may be causing a divorce in a marriage that MAY have been able to repair. As well as permanently affecting the life of a child. If that were me, I wouldn't want to live with "what if I hadn't said---" on my conscience for the rest of my life. At least when the wife finds out for herself, whatever happens is out of your control and inevitable. Whatever, that just my 2 cents. This topic really holds near and dear to my heart so- :(

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Every person is different and every person will take news differently. You were not in the wrong by telling your friend what you saw, even if you regret it. The newborn baby needs a good role model in its life. Cheating and lying is always a recipe for disaster no matter how you look at it.

#30 That sounds like you are very much saying OP shouldn't tell the wife. I understand your concern for his baby, but his wife should have the option to either face who she married or, like your friend, choose to willfully ignore the cheating. Sorry your friend shot the messenger, but that doesn't mean the message was wrong.

I'd rather know. No matter what the consequences, I'd rather know.

OP should definitely try to contact the wife. Why look at it as she'll just take the baby and leave? The sooner she knows, the easier it will be to repair the problem. It's proven that kids put strain on a relationship so I'm sorry you had to be the side chick, OP.

CynePhoba 23

@30 Marriage is based on trust. If the wife trusted the husband then she wouldn't be "looking" to see if he was cheating, she would be trusting that he's faithful. So it would be a good idea to let the wife know. If it was me in that situation I'd want someone to let me know that my partner was cheating rather than me having to sneak around following them and going through their phone - because thats not a relationship based on trust and that just ruins it.

On the other hand, if this man is sleeping with other women, there's a chance he could bring something home to his wife. which makes me wonder if anything can be passed through breastfeeding? I think the spouse always deserves to know, they can decide what to do with that information. 22, if she'd found out some other way, and realised you knew, you'd have been the bad guy then. You were in a no win situation the moment you found out.

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@32 obviously she wasn't very sweet if she stopped talking to you because of your honesty. you did the right thing. I've been in a similar situation and my best friend came to me and told me and we're a lot closer now because of it.

#30 you can't seriously think it's OK to lie to your spouse/partner as long as they don't know or want to know. My husband (before he was with me) dated a girl who was cheating on him. When he found out, the worst part for him was finding out his friends knew all along and didn't tell him. I know that OP is not his wife's friend but would still be nice to do the right thing.

I hope she doesn't just go and ruin a family just like that.

#71 she's not the one who is ruining his family. He is.

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#30, It was not wrong that you told your best friend the truth. She had her options how to handle what she heard from you, she could have appreciated what you told her and leave the cheating husband / fix her marriage or ignore you and leave / fix her marriage. Bottom line is you did what was right, whatever kind of reaction she had was totally out of your hands, it was her choice to make.

Im going to jump on this bandwagon and say confront him and tell the wife. As I myself am married, I would sure as hell want to know if my husband was cheating. Shit, Id buy the "other woman" a drink and sing her praises that she had the courage to tell me. It's different knowingly being a mistress, versus thinking you're dating a single man and find out he's a complete loser and liar.

You should tell the wife. It doesn't matter if the relationship goes crashing down. It's already crashing down if someone cheated. FFS.

your friend sounds pathetic and co dependent.. I hate when women blame the bearer of bad news or the other woman because they don't respect themselves enough to place responsibility on their cheating spouse. Also it doesn't seem like any relationship like that can be really "thriving", because he probably still cheats and she ignores it. you did the right thing in telling her anyway.

Not your fault OP, you'll find a better guy that only wants you, not you and another girl

I'd tell the wife, no need for her to be surprised too

skittyskatbrat 19

surprised when she gets a nasty infection (hope it's not viral and incurable!), or finds out that her husband now has to pay child support and they can't afford the house/car/education/etc. that she'd budgeted :(

What in the world are you talking about, 18? The FML says nothing about child support or infections.

He's saying that since the ops husband is cheating, there is a chance he will catch something and infect her as well. Or, get another woman pregnant, and then have to pay child support for that baby.

skittyskatbrat 19

I thought it was obvious. Men that cheat on their wives can bring home an STD or get another woman (or women) pregnant. That's an even worse surprise than "only" finding out he was cheating on her. Injury added to insult. Better to tell her now than after something else adds on to the cheating issue.

On the other hand, if you tell her now, while she's sleepless and caring for a newborn, you might make it more difficult for her to get through an already trying time (new baby + possible postpartum depression). For all you know this guy hasn't done this before. Maybe he will get his act together. Confront him, not her.

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Hey, at least you found out what a complete asshole he is pretty early on.

flashback.miss 28

F the wife's life and yours. tell the wife, ensure you hadn't know about her prior.

ColonelCusswords 24


ColonelCusswords 24

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ColonelCusswords 24

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I'd tell his wife, she deserves to be told :/