By fmylifebadddd - 18/04/2009 04:44 - United States

Today, was my birthday. My friends love to play pranks on me. So when I entered the door for my surprise party, I became aware of the surroundings. There was nothing. Everyone was staring as I slowly entered the room. When I closed the door behind me, a freaking bucket of pee fell all over me. FML
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I agree with #2. What a wonderful gift ~_~ I would be *pissed*.


epicfailburger 0

he shouldn't be mad... he can sell the pee to A-rod and make some cash

jrkarikas 0

a freaking bucket of pee? that's even worse then a regular bucket of pee!

sports_chika 0

expect the unexpected...7:-|

Toasty283 8

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on

Dude thats how friends are :) especially when ur a boy/man dont act like he should get new friends, admit it it was hilarious :P

Jelbeztok 17

yeah play pranks on each other, but there is a ******* line and they crossed it. i would have tried to fight everyone on the room.

laurisshnazzy 0

Pranks are supposed to be funny, though. Dump a bucket of shit on their heads, next time.

Friends like that are only fun when you get to prank them back. I hate when people like to start shit and then get all pissy when you recipricate.

This is going too far though. Maybe if it was water or beer or something like that. Not urine!

Your friends are fail, trade them in for new ones.

I agree with 5. lol. At least it wasn't pig's blood..(carrie) With friends like that, who needs enemies?!?!.. and the ol' bucket trick? Are they hicks?

Asshole friends. Spilling orange juice and just telling him it was piss or something is one thing. Actually taking the time to piss in a bucket and dump it on them? FYL

um...eww...gross...FYL...your friends have a disgustingly weird sense of humour...*shudder*

AntiChrist7 0

if you call those persons your friends, YDI