By Anonymous - 27/04/2011 08:19 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and her mom dropped me off at home. I told my girlfriend that I love her. She said nothing, then her mom blurted out, "I love you too!" and drove away. FML
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At least she loves you (:

Cue threesome jokes.


At least she loves you (:

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one of the most overused phrases on fml^

I'd hope she was a MILF..

sympathetic i love you :P

dump the girlfriend, date the mom.

No, no, you guys have it all wrong. See what happened was, the mother and the daughter were having issues in their relationship. They both thought the other had an easy life. The next morning they both woke up and realized that they'd switched bodies, switched lives! The mother said "I love you" because she's actually the daughter! This must have been posted on Friday...

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haha yes

NotFunii, why can't you just type like a normal person?

34- Or in the moms case it DBFILF lol ( daughters boyfriend...)

women are just so evil! your evil laugh confirms this!

mwahahaha yes I am evil! lol jk jk

u have no idea XP

every man knows the wrath of a woman. we learn it the hard way

haha we aren't that bad

hell hath no wrath like that of a women's fury

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

and then we learn it again after we mess up by doing the same thing we did b4 again

maybe your girlfriend didn't hear you, and your mom did?

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her mom


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stacys mom has got it goin on!

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I'm no spelling Nazi, but it's AWKward lol ok goodbye.

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I can actually see spongebob asking that o,O

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SOMEONE said it back. Be happy for that.

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Yeah, OP. Why ain't you with the mama? She da freak!

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Your girlfriend probably felt shy to say that she loved you back in front of her mom but hell, at least the mom loves you!

are you on the toilet or something?

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haha 88

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true, i feel awkward saying it in front of my dad to my boyfriend.

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Haha. Yeah, she was probably just shy in front of her mom. My mom would SO do that though! Baha...

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14 year olds don't know love.

Anyone can know love age doesn't matter You learn you live you grow!

1. Who said they were 14? 2. That's not true. It's rare, but depending on the couple, it can be real. I know a married couple in their 30s who've been dating since they were 12. Sounds like love to me.

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yeah i hate when ppl but an age to doesnt happen often but its definetly possible:)