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Today, my girlfriend asked me to get her a pregnancy test. After using it, we couldn't find how to tell if she was or wasn't pregnant. After about 10 minutes of waiting, Google searching, and tension, I realized I had bought an ovulation test. FML
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Just a quick question, did you guys actually read the box? Seems like that would've cleared up a lot of confusion.

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Well, all your girlfriend did when she used it was egg you on. This one's on her.

I really hope your girlfriend is not pregnant.

Whay if they wanted a child? Do you want to deny them the love and joy of a small child?

Did no one else get the "egg" pun here??

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OP please do reproduce multiple times with this woman.

Just a quick question, did you guys actually read the box? Seems like that would've cleared up a lot of confusion.

And there's usually an instruction paper inside the box, isn't there?

Seriously. Usually it says like "ovulation tracker" in big words on the outside of the box.

I realize that there are usually shelved in the same place. However, they are clearly labeled, only takes a second to check if you're getting the right box.

OP was probably too worried to notice what the box said. I really don't blame him.

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Always read the box before buying, OP. Less confusion, and some places like to charge more than necessary for those kinds of things.

Most ovulation kits come with more than one test because they want you to test yourself for 7+ days for best results, so ovulation tests are way more expensive than pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy tests come in packs of 3 or's not just ovulation tests that come in packs

The most I've ever seen in a pregnancy test pack is 2. I wish I had larger packs where I am, save in bulk :)

Just go get another test, this time a pregnancy one

How about Byron as in I be Byron the wrong test.

Ouch like mentioned those are more expensive than the pregnancy ones so that sucks. It can be easy to get confused, but reading the box would have saved you the trouble.

Me and my boyfriend have done this OP don't feel bad it's a mistake x

Yeah but it's a pretty stupid one so he should feel bad.

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Well, if it came back positive you know she isnt pregnant... I suggest paying more attention at the store next time OP!