By Mmm / Saturday 25 July 2015 10:10 / United States - San Francisco
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  cluch3  |  20

Whay if they wanted a child? Do you want to deny them the love and joy of a small child?

  mads_nicole  |  19

Yes, it just wasn't funny.

By  Bree06  |  29

Well I guess it's kind of helpful

  Bree06  |  29

It would've been helpful I think, if she didn't know her cycle. Not saying she doesn't but after taking the 'wrong' test at least they would know whether to buy a pregnancy test or not

  Gidget_mom  |  6

#26 it would only be helpful if she happened to take the test on the one day that she ovulated, in which case she would know that she was just ovulating and wasn't pregnant (yet). However since most people don't do pregnancy tests until their period is considered late, the ovulation test would just come up negative like every other day of her cycle.

  MandieL  |  27

Most ovulation kits come with more than one test because they want you to test yourself for 7+ days for best results, so ovulation tests are way more expensive than pregnancy tests.

By  arrowgold  |  19

Ouch like mentioned those are more expensive than the pregnancy ones so that sucks. It can be easy to get confused, but reading the box would have saved you the trouble.

By  Alicimo  |  11

Me and my boyfriend have done this OP don't feel bad it's a mistake x

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