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Today, I took a pregnancy test. When I saw that the result was positive, I started crying and showed my mom. She burst out laughing and told me that I had taken an ovulation test. FML
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Try to look on the positive side here, at least you're not pregnant.

Well, at least you know not to have intercourse in the next days!


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Zoh_Aubrey 8

You didn't bother to read the packaging, eh?

7 -Again?! Surely as 7th commenter you can make your own and not have to reply, I mean are you talking to 1 here or OP? ARGH EDIT: 11 Beat me to it. What he ^ said.

Pleo- I'm pretty sure we are playing thread tag *tags Pleo*

#1 But it's a good thing it wasn't a positive too....

i hate how 7 trys to thread jack when he could have a comment on the first page

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#60 - Was it actually necessary to comment something like that? Come on, I think enough people have commented on #7 thread jacking.

I'm pretty sure a negative ovulation test doesn't mean you're pregnant either. It simply means you're not ovulating at the time.

How the hell do you type like that, even your profile description's just as bad. I'm pretty sure it takes more effort to type like that

Shut up I type how I want to type haters always hating on me go outside noob

The commenting policy clearly states no text language, and if you've been on FML for any amount of time, I'm sure you've realized that people prefer if you type with proper grammar. Not to be a stickler, but your complete lack of grammar or knowledge of any kind just makes you look like a moron, "noob." Edit: all comments were moderated, so I assume this one will be too. PEACE!

Thanks 100! We really needed that explanation.

134 - Just cuz you look like the typical fat black bitch, doesn't mean you gotta be one. You're not really impressing anybody with your 'hardass' attitude.

Poster 1 needed it. Since a she's female I would have expected her to know that you only have 2-3 days a month that you ovulate. But she obviously doesn't. So the explaination that it wouldn't mean you're pregnant is completely valid.

Try to look on the positive side here, at least you're not pregnant.

If OP wanted to get pregnant (she could have cried out of happiness), there's not much of a positive side here.

asianperry 8

I agree! I guess we kind of need more info on OP if her plan was to get pregnant or she just did a random one.

HighlandShadows 48

@ #5: There's a positive side in that she's ovulating and more likely to become pregnant if she wants.

I was trying to make a pun, I didn't look too deeply into the wording of the post.

I doubt the OP wanted to be pregnant. I didn't interpret "crying" to mean tears of joy. It is a good thing OP is not pregnant. This is a positive thing.

For her to be so willing to show her mother and tell her the news I read it as tears of toy. She was happy to be pregnant (or so she thought).

Some just have very close relationships with their moms that they can tell them anything. If the OP wanted to be pregnant, now is her window of opportunity. But I still don't feel that is what she wants. :P

Chris I just wanted to say thank you for the laugh your profile pic gave me.

My question is if ovulation tests would still read positive even if you are pregnant. Otherwise it could be she is pregnant but would just read positive on both because ovulation did have to happen first.

Okay, I am not well versed in pregnancy/ovulation tests and this is the first time I have actually ever heard of an ovulation test. Why is asking a question about it get thumbed down? I am trying to cure some of my ignorance on the subject

116- : the one-stop cure for ignorance on any subjects.

I Think if OP had ovulation tests around then the plan was to get pregnant.

"If they were, her mother would have gently broken the news to her, not laughed about it." How long are you on FML? Just spend some more weeks on this site, then you'll realise that normal parents are a blessing.

kittykat1501 31

5 that's what I thought she dis

Well, at least you know not to have intercourse in the next days!

She can have intercourse! Just make sure to use a condom. Even if it's a quickie, she better wrap that sticky.

unless her bf is black and she doesnt want to be deaf ;)

winkydog4056 16

#57_Would you kindly explain your comment to dumb wanky dog here?

19: condoms protect against pregnancy, but they're not 100% safe. Especially during ovulation, I wouldn't suggest it.

86 - Are you seriously saying women shouldn't have sex when they're ovulating? You do realize that's the time the sex feels best for a woman right? As long as you use a condom you're fine, if you're really nervous put some spermicide in there too.

93: yes it does feel amazing, But I also got pregnant on the day I was ovulating and was using a condom.

It seems like OP WANTS to get pregnant, seeing as how they were so happy that the test was positive...

99- you're 21 AND pregnant? I'd say your life is quite on track

117- Look, I don't know if you're trying to be sarcastic or if you're just stupid.

117-I'm gonna go with both on this one...

quincykid23 6

Negative sparky. At time of ovulation, woman's orgasms are more responsive and more... Uhhh often I guess u could say. I plan for that shit!

Then go out have some unprotected sex with your significant other and get pregnant.

StalkerChick 13

I don't think OP wanted to get pregnant. Hence, the tears.

Um... What? Maybe that was a bad attempt at sarcasm but how would that solve anything? She was crying because she thought she was pregnant.. Edit- Didn't see 22, sorry to be repetitive.

metaphoristic 8

I like how #4's picture fits with #46's picture (the last comment on the above comment thread)


Perhaps 4 thought OP was crying from tears of joy. Just a suggestion.

So just go have sex and then take a real pregnancy test? O.o derp

Inheritance 10

The derp is on you #9.. Learn to comprehend what you read

CharresBarkrey 15

OP: " Oh, thank God I'm not pregnant! I better go have sex while I'm ovulating and take another test to make super extra sure." Herp derp.

The thing that you guys aren't understanding is the tears could have been tears of joy. OP never specified. Just sayin'.

Generally, if people cry tears of joy, they specify. Crying is understood to mean crying in sadness.

ks23 9

If she is ovulating she's not pregnant.

10 - Did you skip all your sex ed classes by any chance?

NagainaFier 16

10, figuring out if you're pregnant is not a two step plan; if she sees she ovulating, taking a pregnancy test is just redundant.

Actually if u are pregnant and take a LH test it could come up positive. So if she's that concerned she needs to take an HGC test

Just because the test says she's ovulating doesn't mean she's not pregnant. It just means its a good time try if she hasn't tried already. It means an egg is present and hormones are in peak state. Obviously, if she's taking the test she's had sex recently. This positive test means that she still has good reason to be worried. The egg could be freshly fertilized and her body still has enough LH hormone to set off the positive result on the ovulation test.

Well OP I sure hope you're pretty, because you aren't the brightest bulb in the package.

We won't know because the package of bulbs were in the boxes that were thrown away. So we just have to use our imagination if she's pretty or not. She could look like a Kardashian or a relative of Honey boo boo.

Man I'm just going to go with she is pretty, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

And behind door number 1..... (Gasp from audience) *goes to commercial*

Pregnancy tests and ovulation tests are very similar and look the same. Don't be a douche.

Don't call me a douche just because you're an uptight ass who can't take a joke.

I'm not an up tight ass and pregnancy isn't a joke if she is or isn't. That was an ignorant and insensitive thing to say there for the title douche was appropriate.

Whatever dude if you're hurt just thumb my comment down instead of leaving a little sob story for the good people of FML to read.

Your right it's MUCH better reading idiot comments, so keep posting ;)

Oh don't worry I will my friend and I will be waiting for you to cry about them. Smiley face right back at you.

winkydog4056 16

#36_Except ovulation tests are a lot more expensive

I'd rather have an expensive ovulation test be positive than a cheaper preg test.... Babies are more expensive.

NagainaFier 16

61- Nonsense! OP must of thought that since it was more expensive, it was more accurate; obviously higher price= higher quality

Holy shit. We've got some major butthurt here. Might want to call in the Doc.

Based on your reaction, I feel like you're probaby too young to need to be taking a pregnancy test.

I cried both times and showed my mom. Yes via text but still. And I showed my husband as well.

What a silly thing to say. I'm 24 and I cry at movies. Chances are I'll cry if I ever find out I'm pregnant, whether I'm happy or sad about it. Unless you were referring to her showing her mom. It suggested to me that she still lives with her, which concerned me. Then again, these days, that's not necessarily an indication of age, although the fact that she can't support herself would also be a concern if she were pregnant, regardless of age. But she's not pregnant, as it turns out, so I guess it's not issue anyway.

akg98 13

Well if her mom laughed and wasn't mad at her for having sex...she was probably alright with it.