By WhoLikesPie - 25/07/2015 15:51 - United States - Tampa

Today, I went to my girlfriend's job to surprise her for lunch, her manager said she hasn't worked on a Saturday in two months. FML
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Someone's got some explaining to do!!!

You have the weekend to find a new GF


You have the weekend to find a new GF

OP I hope you'll do a follow up. I want to know how you confront and possibly dump this woman, depending on her explanation.

I think it's time to get rid of her op. You deserve so much better.

I see you're familiar with the formula

I had a boyfriend who did the same. So I am extremely familiar with it. People can say or think what they like about my comment but if she were being straight up she wouldn't have needed to lie about where she was. I don't even want to hear about how it could have been innocent. She was planning something for him. No one does that shit for 2 months in a row.

Someone's got some explaining to do!!!

Right. All these people jumping to conclusions. What if she's magnanimous? What if she's going to the local soup kitchen and volunteering but doesn't tell anyone, because she doesn't want to boast of her good deeds? Indeed, an explanation should be found.

The only thing she's serving is dat ass on a platter to somebody else.

There's honestly something fishy going on when the SO doesn't tell you what's up. From personal experience, that "fishy" was another guy.

#35 yes because lying to her boyfriend about going to work means she must be a good hearted person

#37 that was ****** funny!!!

killadude111 14

Hahaha omfg that made me ******* damn day lmao

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@45 I think #35 was being facetious

37 I am ******* dying. 10/10 comment for both hilarity and accuracy.

Ooh. That's gotta sting. May want to check on her before you make a decision first.

Either confront her about that or leave her! If she makes up those kinds of excuses she isn't worth it OP.

Maybe have a bit of a talk with her and have her maybe explain before conclusions are made?

juststephhere 23

Ask her about it before jumping to conclusions, sometimes people have other things going on that they might find embarrassing. Check in with her and talk about it!

But in a relationship, both should always come clean about their life with each other. So there aren't any complications like this one!

juststephhere 23

It could be a new relationship? I'm not really sure but there are tons of possibilities. She could be working two jobs, she could be volunteering, endless possibilities. Sometimes people just don't want to share certain things, she could be embarrassed. Also, OP hasn't shared a lot about this relationship, so we don't know how serious it is. He was doing an incredibly sweet gesture, yes. But that doesn't mean they have been together for a super long time. Trust is built, it's not automatically there. There are a lot of factors, in my opinion.

Theyve at LEAST been going out for two months. Thats enough time.

FYL but she doesn't deserve someone who's thoughtful enough to do that for her, you'll find someone better soon

Let her come home and ask about her day, if she says work was hard, you can elaborate more on what was really hard and then drop her hard ;-)

Kind of a harsh way to put it haha well done

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Safe to say she must be working her "other job."