By BaconLover - 28/10/2013 04:58 - Japan

Today, my girlfriend asked me if I could love anything more than her, and if so, what. I guess "bacon" was the wrong answer. FML
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Although bacon is amazing and a direct gift from the gods, I think it's okay to lie and say that you don't love anything more than her in this instance

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If she didn't agree that bacon is the ultimate love, she isn't for you.

What if the question is, "What is the worst thing ever?" Surely "Bacon" is the wrong answer then. Or maybe, "What DON'T you want on your sandwich?" "Bacon" would be the wrong answer then too, would it not?

May I suggest the next time you're set up for a trap OP, respond with something along the lines "you with bacon". Who knows, perhaps she may have brought you some bacon to make that ultimate love extra special. :)

Bacon is the flesh of an innocent animal that was slaughtered for no good reason other than to line the pockets and bellies of greedy people.

#139, that is what makes it so tasty!

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#139, you must not come here often. FML is a community of bacon hungry people.

#139, I have two pigs, one of their names is bacon.... Wanna guess what her future is? Yep, bacon! To line the bellies of my greedy family. I'd never line my pockets with her though, that's just creepy.

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#139 need to except their place in the food chain.

I ordered a "Baconator", not a "Bacon Hater"! Cone on Wendy's, if I wanted 139...I'd say "Bacon is the best thing ever!!", then wait for him to come over and lecture me on his views.

unless its in reply to the question of what to shove up your butt

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I don't understand this obsession with bacon. Does everyone actually like it, or do most people say they do to look "cool?"

20, I think thousands of years in the future, archeologists will discover our restaurant menus, prints of bacon memes, and bacon inspired merchandise and think, "Damn. These people were obsessed with bacon."

I'm paleo. For my kind bacon is like rocket fuel.

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your kind? you mean the kind that has ignored thousands of years of evolution just to miss out eating bread? unless you are actively foraging and hunting you do not have a paleo diet.

Bacon is hardly ever an acceptable excuse.

Although bacon is amazing and a direct gift from the gods, I think it's okay to lie and say that you don't love anything more than her in this instance

I agree... Women tend to ask a question indirectly instead of being straight forth... She wanted you to say you love her more then anything... Including bacon

Nah.. I personally as a girlfriend would have agreed that bacon is an acceptable answer no matter what the circumstance is

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Actually, didn't God put a prohibition on eating bacon? *number of non-believers just grew*

Any God who tells me I can't eat bacon is a false prophet!

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Yeah I'm with #3 sometimes it's ok to lie

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Agreed 56. I don't care if my boyfriend loves bacon a little more than me. I'm vegetarian, but damn, bacon is good.

>vegetarian >eats bacon wat did i just read

You are a special type of retarded aren't you

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maybe wasn’t always a vegetarian?

I see nothing wrong with loving bacon more than anything else.

Never say that...even though it is true...she was trying to be cute and you didn't give the right answer...well to her the wrong answer...

Yes well maybe o.o but the girl doesn't have a sense of humor at all if she got mad at him for this silly thing :( ah well...people are all different I guess

She's obviously not very good at fishing! Heck, next time I'm out fishing and it doesn't bite I'll throw my entire rod in just to express my anger for the fish not taking the bait!

Bacon is ALWAYS the answer. If your woman can't handle that, find another woman.

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You can never go wrong with bacon.

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You don't tell your girlfriend that you literally love a piece of meat more than her.

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If bacon had a ******, there would be no need for human interaction.

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Words can't describe how right you are