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Today, l grounded my 17-year-old son from his computer because of his terrible attitude towards his homework. As payback, he convinced my 5-year-old daughter that if she goes to sleep, she'll never wake up. I now have a hysterical and sleepless child to deal with. FML
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Hey all, im OP (although as my first time ever commenting, I hope this actually works!) Of course, in the end, my daughter fell asleep. although it was around 1am, a time I thought no five year old was physically capable of acheiving. You might say it was almost worse the next day, as she was very grumpy and tired! I forbid my son from attending a party (supposedly the 'party of the year'), and have spoken to his school who are arranging a meeting with him to discuss ways of bettering his homework skills and general motivation. Of course he probably despises of me, but I dont want him to look back on school like I have and regret he didn't work hard enough, let alone AT ALL. Thanks for all the comments, and hopefully I can interact more on this site with the community.

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But she'll fall asleep eventually, and you can punish your boy for even longer!

Or punish him even worse by making them share rooms.


But she'll fall asleep eventually, and you can punish your boy for even longer!

Or punish him even worse by making them share rooms.

That's what I thought. Or OP should sit her daughter down and explain everything - saying that she can fall asleep and nothing will happen and tell her that it was just a joke.

She's 5 I doubt a little child would understand..

Guys! He is 17, almost an adult. You think ground someone at this age would have any kind of effect except insulting him?

Does OP not own a belt? Just saying...

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I think you have failed at parenting

No one can stay awake for so long without brain damage she'll fall asleep and then wake her up later then I think she'll be alright...

Brain damage? I thought they'd just pass out eventually...

After so many hours hallucinating and brain damage can happen....

You can't get brain damage though if you don't get enough sleep your brain starts acting like your drunk... You judgment gets worse... And at an extreme you start to hallucinate... But it is all reversible so nothing permanent

to get to that stage takes a great deal of mental strength and concentration, and somehow I don't think a five year old is capable of that kind of brain power

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#worldclassrager is right, I just looked it up on wikipedia

Wikipedia is not a credible source for information....

Yeah, every time I change Justin Bieber's page to say he's gay, their fact checkers change it back almost immediately. They're in denial of the truth.

#55 this isn't twitter. We use # signs to indicate the comment number, not the username.

It's not totally reliable, but it's not too bad - good enough to stand comparison with the Britannica. The was a test done, and WP had, on average, 4 errors for every 3 that EB had. Just don't use it as your sole source of info - use it for a quick heads-up, then look at the article sources and their background.

#95 You've been recognized as an idiot to the FML team. Good job. (Twitter Post)

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He is already grounded for not doing homework... Obviously OP is going to have to take something that has more meaning to his son like his cell phone perhaps... Or maybe send him to Juvenal... That might fix his attitude...

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Pretty sure thats abuse...

juvie is a bit extreme, taking away the phone, however, seems like a food idea.

Great idea except for one major problem - concussions DO NOT MAKE YOU DIE if you fall asleep. This myth drives me absolutely nuts.

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Unfortunately, medical personal implications keep the myth alive. While I wasn't told point-blank that if my son fell asleep, he would die, I do remember being strongly cautioned not to let him fall asleep for a certain amount of time after the concussion. Imagination runs its course. My assumption is that the sleep to the lay person looks just like unconsciousness and masks other stuff that requires immediate medical attention, but it would have been nice to be told that instead of just leaving it open ended.

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#3 Doc's right, but they do cause memory loss (sometimes permanent) if severe enough. Besides, that's just abuse, I worry about your kids (if you ever have them. Oh God, Timmy forgot to take the trash out again, I guess he loses his left hand this time. Pay back's a bitch.

Yeah, no thanks. Abuse is bad.

Sorry guys, I didn't know that that was a myth... My bad. I got a concussion a few years ago and I wasn't allowed to sleep for 24 hours cause they thought I'd die in my sleep. And no, I don't actually recommend op giving his son a concussion, it was a joke. A lousy one yes, but I'm never going to say I'm funny haha

I'm not actually an abusive person and I love kids. It was a bad comment and for that I apologize to everyone.

You could send him to Juvenal, but the big J has been dead for several centuries. You could always make him read him, though.

#46. mmmmmm food. kid..

No, that's not smart. It's cruel. Children tend to believe what they're told.

Oh #7, don't you know that smart and cruel go hand in hand?

No, they don't.

I guess every child who believes in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny is just faking then, hmm?

is this a thread where the next message is something positive and after that a negative one?

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Whether you think it was clever or not he still mildly traumatised a little girl when she is completely innocent seeing as it was the parent he wanted revenge on, and the parent that grounded him .

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If he was my son, he'd be grounded from much more than video games and a computer for this little stunt. It's awful to torment a child as revenge.

Yep, I agree

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Teenage girls, too.

That's a terrifying concept for a young kid to think of!

he's 17. it's not a very hard concept for people to think of, and you seem to underestimate the power of the teenage brain.

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I smell a longer grounding

thatonegirlnic 10

That's when you start taking away the phone, the gaming console, the friends...

hence why I like the literal term of bedroom..... A room with ONLY a bed (barred windows as well)

pwnman 33

Don't forget the condoms.

One more year and you can kick him out.

Promote your boy to a longer grounded period.