By boostedsaab - 05/02/2010 05:35 - France

Today, I asked my girlfriend why she can't treat me like the way I treat her. She said, "because you love me more than I love you." FML
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I know how you feel too, unfortunately.

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ouch fyl my bf would always say he loved me more like wayyy to much I wish i had said something like that to him before xD he's an ass lol glad we izz over heh

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as do i. as a matter of fact, that sounds just like a conversation wif my girl. lol but we always bust eachothers chops. but if shes serious, FYL indeed

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I give her credit for being honest. The OP should consider himself lucky that she just didn't lie to him. Now he can make an informed decision as the whether or not he wants to stay with her. Truth sometimes hurts. If it didn't, most people wouldn't lie.

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My ex boyfriend knows how you felt too :]

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OP: If your next move wasn't saying "Not anymore" and kicking her ass to the curb, you get no sympathy.

Cute how you think she wasn't trying to hurt him. People do these things. 'A man can be perfectly happy with a woman, as long as he doesn't love her."

lol i can totally imagine mine doing the same thing

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this wasn't about "reality is a bitch" or whatever. it's about someone OP loves and trusts hurting him. yea it hurts but imagine having someone close and loved say that they don't love you. don't be a dick

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Run Away while you still can!!!

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I have to agree with this posting. What kind of relationship is this anyway?!

Common fact man, most guys love their girlfriends more than their girlfriends love them. Sad truth....

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Find a girlfriend who loves you more than you love her. It's hard to do and you might not be excited about what you have, but at least you will avoid the shit the OP is going through.

@6 I don't think that's true. every guy I've been in love with I loved them more than they loved me. but, I do notice when the guys are really sensitive they get girls who don't love them as much as they love them.

He who loves the most controls the least.

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#37. Something like that was from "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past." The Brackin Meyer character had a good comeback for that one.

well, in most relationships one person usually loves the other more; thus, becoming the real bitch of the relationship.

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> Common fact man, most guys love their girlfriends more than their girlfriends love them. Sad truth.... So true. The prettier the girl the more she demands ... If she doesn't love you then dump her, she will only dump you sooner or later anyway. Is she takes it hard and comes back to you, then maybe there is a little more balance than either of you think.

hmmmm, maybe i'm a rare girl? lol I don't demand much except for a guy to treat me and respect me well. I usually end up falling harder for the guy than he me :(

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I used to fall hard but it's gotten to the point where I've been guarding myself and not letting myself off the handle. and now I'm not comfortable around any female outside of a professional setting because I don't want to get burned again

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I know what you mean. I was in 6 yr and I ended cause she did not love me the way I loved her

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Your situation sucks cause if you just let her remark slide, she'll think you're a pushover.

"If you love some one, let it go, If it comes back to you, it is yours, If it doesn't, it never was"

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Good slogan, but the version I prefer ends,"hunt it down and kill it."

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