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By Anonymous - 16/04/2011 08:00 - United States

Today, my girlfriend called me and asked what I was doing. I replied, "What I'm always doing." She couldn't think of anything besides eating. FML
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Well maybe she thinks you're fat. so stop being a bitch.

Don't feel bad. Same thing happens to me when my girlfriend asks, except she assumes I'm playing games. I'm trying to insinuate, "I'm always thinking about you," but hey, who cares?

he's not nesserliy fat my boyfriend eats all the time but he's extremely skinny

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well, OP, ARE you always eating? :S

28- 5 said to try not eating. Not try eating less. I know what he meant, but 23 was responding to what he technically said.

why is that a FML obviously ur not that fat if she's still with you , i mean I eat... a lot lol but I'm still thin and I got game ;

I don't get why that's a big deal... most males do eat all the time... at least the ones I know

Maybe he expected her to say "masturbating"

eating or masturbating, as long ad he's thinking if her while doing it.

LOL I asked my gf this and she said I was either jerking or playing black ops. I encourage everyone to ask thier significant other and see what they say.

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IDK. Hopefully at a nice restaurant.

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IDK. Hopefully at a nice restaurant.

I think he meant "Were you eating?"

hes eating something other than food...

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31, wow really? I had no idea whatsoever.

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most likely... he was on black ops!

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lOl oh fatty boy(: maybe you should try not eating ?

Oh yes, Anorexia solves all problems just look at all the celebs who do it -__-

23- yah, cuz every thin person is anorexic...

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lOl not everyone can be beautiful like me! kidding(:

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wow you guys took it for the literal meaning LMAO

Um they weren't talking about thin people. They were talking about people who don't eat.

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Haha that's sad. Time to do other things. :P YDI.

well, if OP is male I don't see what the problem is... most teenage guys or just males in general eat a good bit of the time.

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Yeah I'm 14 and a runner, but I eat a lot an stay pretty thin.

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lol didja add "out girls, yes i am"? just kidding but lol how much do u wiegh and how tall r u cause that counts for something.... and how fasts your metabloism(sp)

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im not a boy Oo and seriously was that neccessary?

It's not as bad as the one time I came on here and found the word spelled like "Metaberlizum". The word isn't really that hard to spell.

12- Really? Don't be an asshole. He hit two keys slightly out of order. Everybody's done that.

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Well don't be a little bitch next time and answer the damn question properly.