By omgstuupidd - 17/02/2013 14:27 - United States - Brewster

Today, my girlfriend and I decided to take a jog in an area we never been before. We then got lost. She actually thought that the tattoo on her arm of an open compass with north, east, south, and west would help us. FML
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Does she have a bottle of water tattooed as well for emergency use?

I think your girlfriend needs mental exercise more then physical exercise...


Somewhere, a physicist is crying...

nothing92x 13

Along with every person that has common sense.

Tell hell if that didn't work, she could've always click her heels together three times.

soja_fml 18

Well if you think about it she probably did put him thru hell...

nothing92x 13

It looked great on paper, but when she got the tattoo on her arm, well I guess the idea didn't seem so great on skin now.

I read this a few extra times hoping to find something clever or funny.

Sounds like a keeper, if you aren't dating her for her brains that is. What if she was just having a slow moment due to the panic?

Should've just installed an actual compass in her arm.

That tattoo was a big mistake too

You guys should have left a trail of bread crumbs behind...

I once did that. I got lost, and surrounded by ducks.

I hear the pussy magnet tattoo is far more accurate...

how does she get anywhere in life..

With the compass that's tattooed on her arm.

Ask her to ink a calculator and an iPhone screen as well.