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Today, my friends set me up on a blind date. I thought it went well, and while saying our goodbyes, I leaned in to give her a kiss. She pulled way, laughed, "I'm not drunk enough for that," and left. FML
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Is it just me or does anyone else think kissing on the first date is a little too much too soon? That's just my opinion though.



She was probably just not ready.. You don't have to kiss on a first date, let alone a blind date.

Ooh, that's just painful. At least we know a solution, next time take her to a bar.

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Sorry OP! She is not the gal for you! I hope your feelings weren't hurt to much.


Ok so nobody found that women's reply remotely humorous.

Is it just me or does anyone else think kissing on the first date is a little too much too soon? That's just my opinion though.

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I totally agree, it's way too soon to kiss on the first date>.>

Normally I agree. But in today's society three dates is enough for sex, so a goodnight kiss on the first date doesn't seem so extreme.

I very much disagree i tend to have sex on the first date

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Totally agree with you #2 ...was going to say the same thing, but you already said it. Maybe I'm a little old school but that's moving things way to fast...OP, you just met a girl...give her some time to at least remember your name first..though she gave you a hint of what can get get to move things faster ;)

30- Yeah, but herding the sheep back to their pen doesn't count as a date, and bothering them intimately doesn't count on the "who i dun banged" list.

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get her* to move things faster....grrr...swype...

I agree that a kiss on a first date is more than I'd go for, but I've had multiple girls attempt to have sex with me on the first date, so a goodbye kiss seems pretty innocent by comparison. I prefer a hug goodbye on the first date.

Is it just me or is there no one size fits all rule for dating...? Why do you all have your preconceived ideas of what people should and shouldn't do on dates?

Well I believe that's it's safe to assume you took a "safe sex" class in high school...

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30- I was reminded of the picture of the fat kid wearing the shirt that says I **** on the first date

No way. If the chemistry is strong and you're both definitely into each other, a kiss on the first date doesn't mean that you're easy. Slobbering over each other, maybe, but a kiss is nothing to be ashamed of.

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I do agree #2, but It also depends on how long the date was. I tend to make my dates to for as long as possible if I like the girl and I can tell she likes me. After a 7 hour date, don't you think a kiss would be acceptable even if it's the first?

I guess it depends on how the date goes?

I apologize for my ignorance, but who the **** is Kelso?

15- the dumb guy from That 70's Show.

I have another question: what the ****'s up with FML commenters using other people's voices? Can't find your own? And what's up with these unoriginal memes?

Psych101 9

17- Thanks for letting everyone know. I don't watch That 70's Show, so I always imagined it as Bob Kelso from Scrubs. It never made much sense to me.

Shrike - I asked that same question a few days ago when someone did the "Cleveland voice" and I got reamed for it. I completely agree with you - why not use your own voice and say something original?

Because meme's are 'popular' and people think that it's funny to repeatedly use them in different situations. Another one that is getting just as bad are the Big Bang Theory relations. "That's sounds like Sheldon!" "You must know Sheldon." "Would their name happen to be Sheldon?"

Ah the big bang theory... A huge waste of time!

Because it wouldn't have been as funny if it wasn't related to Kelso's voice. And people might not have made the connection.

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Just to avoid the confusion, try "Michael Kelso" it's like the Red Forman "dumbass" just popular.

You know what that means, more alcohol, less food next time.

Right. Because if you can't get her for a long time, at least have her for a good time.

Sort of sounds like you weren't her type, but don't worry, you could do way better, I'm sure:)

Slow down, young Jedi. A first date 'parting hug' is more appropriate. You can work on your tongue technique on date 3.

If you're going to make a star wars reference, it should make sense...Dis is nutsen!

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If someone gives you dating advice while making a starwars referance, you probably should not listen.

Star wars is amazing...Don't underestimate the power of the force!

Also, before criticizing anything, you should atleast spell correctly.*Reference

Similarly, if a 15 year old gives you advice about giving advice - ignore it.

Maybe because "OMG, you love MLP!". Read OP's username. I'm not saying Bronies are losers, but I wonder if this has any correlation.

A BRONIE? I don't see any gender on the FML. By the way, I don't want you taking this comment the wrong way, okay? I'm not saying you're a complete idiot, but I wonder if your age has any correlation to the ignorant stereotyping.

Psych101 9

16- You're comment may not have been implying that "Bronies" are losers, but it was certaintly suggesting that it could have caused the FML to occur. 23- I agree with most of your comment, but you shouldn't get mad at 16 for assuming OP was male. Statistically speaking, most of the population is straight. It is more likely that 16 is correct, and she was clearly not trying to say that being gay is bad or anything like that.

43- Thank you. But sorry I didn't specify and say Brony or Pegasister. But I just had this picture in my head where OP was a hardcore Brony and she found that weird. 23- No, my age has nothing to do with most things I say. I hate when people play the age card when I say something they don't like. Also, I wasn't stereotyping. And if I thought all Bronies were losers, why would my best guy friend be one?

65- See, being stereotyped doesn't feel so great, does it? You just validated my point. Thanks.