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Today, I was volunteering at a gift-wrapping booth to raise money for autism, and helping others takes my mind off the fact that my mom died at Christmas. While carefully wrapping a present, offering bows, ribbons, and a gift tag, a snobby bitch said to me, "You're not doing a very good job." FML
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"And that's when I set her on fire, your honor".

Mathalamus 24

Ah, don't mind the stupid little shit. You obviously do a much better job than she ever would.


Mathalamus 24

Ah, don't mind the stupid little shit. You obviously do a much better job than she ever would.

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Mathalamus 24

The post does say that the OP is doing a careful job, therefore better. And we all know insecure meanies tend to do this shit.

All I know is if you pay to have others wrap gifts you probably aren't very good at doing it yourself.

But what if she actually wasn't doing a good job. It's not like this women knows all of OPs issues. Could have been some healthy constructive criticism.

It's only constructive if they offer advice...

25, pretty sure there was a reason that snobby bitch was getting others to wrap her gifts up for her instead of doing it herself.

Oh, the bullshit that sensitive people tell other sensitive people, immediately taking side of the OP. Maybe she was doing a complete shitass job?

This is a site full of extremely sensitive people, I'm not exactly sure why

Why would they allow op to wrap, volunteering or not, if she was so terrible at it?

mds9986 24

Why does everyone have to respond snobby, to people who do something like quote the Post, it's called a comment section for a reason...

Aw I'm sorry for your loss OP. Some people are just assholes.

deathstar3548 14

Don't worry about those kind of *****. keep doing what your doing OP

"And that's when I set her on fire, your honor".

When I read the FML I was like "Wow **** that bitch" and even a bit sour that there are people like her in existence. Then I read your comment and cracked up.

mds9986 24

Bring in the dancing lobsters.

If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it

I wonder how many ways there are to screw up gift-wrapping

JustinJK 21

I'm ******* horrible at wrapping presents. You couldn't even imagine. I'm so thankful for these gift wrapping services.

My husband is atrocious at gift wrapping. You wouldn't think there's many ways to mess it up but he manages to find them.

Dreamsorrow93 24

My cat thinks of many many ways to mess up my gift wrapping. I do an ok job but Only if I threaten her with a knife. Then she swats it and claws the paper. So a patch job is often needed.

I think there's always going to be people like that to test our limits, but you just keep doing you OP. She'll probably be getting coal soon anyway...

GloUp_fml 18

Sorry for your loss OP, but don't mind that asshole. You're doing a great job helping people!

I can think of a good use for the tape you had.

Looks like someone's getting coal from Santa

why do you say? what's meaning of coal, in effect.

#32, When kids are bad, they get coal in their stockings instead of presents or candy.

I would put scorpions in their stockings. Coal can be used for heat. All scorpions do is spread misery.

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