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Today, I was eating dinner with my family. My parents didn't want me to hear what they were talking about so they decided they would spell out the words so I wouldn't understand. I didn't. FML
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w-o-w. y-o-u m-u-s-t b-e s-l-o-w get it?

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YDI for not knowing how to spell.


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your a ******* retarded ass loser who the **** cant spell you bitch ass motherfucking retard and you live in the USA your dirty liar, USA has high literacy rates

YDI for being a stupid ******* piece of shit

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Actually, USA's literacy rates aren't THAT high... Cuba, Estonia, Poland, Barbados, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Russia, Latvia, and a whole bunch of other countries all have higher literacy rates than the United States. And to the OP: Sucks for you. Who knows what they were saying about you? "I T-H-I-N-K W-E S-H-O-U-L-D H-A-V-E O-U-R C-H-I-L-D C-H-E-C-K-E-D O-U-T" "Y-O-U A-R-E P-R-O-B-A-B-L-Y R-I-G-H-T" On another note, this could happen to me. But that's just because my parents speak very quickly, not because I can't spell.

#20, get your facts straight. Cuba, for example, is impoverished, and there's no way they can can beat a 99% literacy rate. I highly doubt that any of the other countries you named have a higher literacy rate than that.

cuba and all those countries do have higher literacy rates, but they have far fewer people and a simpler language america would have a higher literacy rate if it had less than 20 million people and stuck with a system where school was actually mandatory

isn't school mandatory here? o.O i always thought school was mandatory from k-12 unless you're 18. i guess you're right.

Actually, Cuba's literacy rate is the highest in the world: 99.8%. Look it up if you don't believe me. And yes, Russia's are higher, too: 99.4%.

Cuba has such high literacy rates because school is absolutely mandatory. Everywhere. You can't escape without leaving the island. Somehow.

to #80. cuba has the highest literacy rate in the world, jackass.

ahhahahhahahahahha the USA having a high literacy rate ahahhahahhahahhahh. u guys think canadians live in igloos ..... and think hockey is pronounced hackey ... u guys can't even pronounce A's and u think u think the US is smart give me a ******* brake ... foreigns speak better english than americans

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Hold on #124. So you sit there criticizing, and then along comes the line "...u guys can't even pronounce A's and u think u think the US is smart give me a ******* brake"? Oh please. That is just pathetic. And don't even get me started on the rest of your grammatical failures. Hypocrite.

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wow! I'm 10 And I can understand words!

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I agree with you #124. I'm a Canadian too, and proud. I have met countless ignorant Americans. You have all these sterotypes for us, like how we pronounce "out" "oot", that we live in IGLOOS, that everyone plays hockey and drinks maple syrup, that all we can talk about are hunting moose and owning pet beavers, I mean jesus christ people, give us a break! None of those sterotypes are true! Oh, and did you know that Canadians have the most neutral english accent? That's right, if you can speak in a "Canadian accent" you have a chance at an acting career. What they don't want is any of the "American accents" like from New Jersey, or New York, or southern, etc. So seriously, stop dissing Canadians, because honestly, we think you americans are a bunch of fat, ignorant, idiots. Just so you know.

zakkyzebra 11

124,132. You guys are **** heads. Pretty much no one said anything about Canadians on this whole post. Damn Canadians...

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hold up 132 your complaing about steriotypes but you steriotype us? What an ass. And Americans rarely steriotype Canada. We don't think you live in Igloos. How dumb do you think we are?

well u think us australians are all bush battlers and ride our kangaroos to school so yes, you're stupid

you need to do all sorts of accents to act, and not everyone thinks those things...... but maybe your the exception!:)

131 I'm Canadian too and I don't think Americans are fat and ignorant, sure there may be lots but just like every other country we all have fat, dumb, skinny, handicapped etc. etc people. I also think the stereotypes are hilarious especially when south park does them so stfu u hypocritical asshole

Out of pure curiosity, how were you able to type this then? 124 we dont think any ofthat...apparently you are the uneducated one here

okay for the record, the world is full of ******* idiots, not just one country. the human race is generally just idiots, with a few smart people mixed in. and no, the U.S. doesnt have very high rates of anything nowadays. watch this video. it explains alot.

or look up 'most honest three minutes in television history' on youtube

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YDI if youre old enough for this site and STILL cant read

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Actually that would be spelling you retard. And I'm sure this is fake because if you spell well enough to get a FML through you can sure as hell understand what your parents are spelling out.

Not necessarily, if they are spelling it quickly then you could get muddled up or you could forget the previous word because they were spelling the next one.

or the op could have enough sense to use the spell-check built into pretty much every computer these days. you don't have to be smart to spell on a computer. though, alot of people that reply/post prove otherwise.

but they would have to have been able to read the instructions on how to post


3rd ZOMG 3RD!!!! really dude? nobody ******* cares. to the OP- it's ok...we all have those moments...when we're 8


p.s., if this DOESN'T get enough thumbs downs and people yelling at me to get off this site and go kill myself for having to announce that i made the 3rd comment, I'll be dissappointed in all of very dissappointed...

I am happy to have helped you along in your quest for thumbs down. I think mine pushed it over the limit! Yay!


hooray!!! but nobody's giving me shit...i guess i failed at being a troll...lmao...

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I think you mean: "You're an idiot." Idiot. And it's "onomatopoeia."

#66 - I believe you mean onomatopoeia... and you're...but, I digress (beaten to this while I was writing the novel below). I actually agree with the others commenting on the learning styles. Did none of you have a specific teacher or class that had you go through the tests to determine which type you were? I am primarily visual, semi-kinetic. As far as aural/auditory knowledge retention goes, I'm not as bad as the OP, but I do tend to forget information a LOT quicker if I only hear it instead of seeing it demonstrated or reading it. I used to participate (and win) spelling bees, however, so... yeah, guess you've got a 0 in auditory learning (I'm only a 2 on a scale of 10, visual is 9, kinetic is 4). You might want to consider looking into getting some vocabulary software that has vocal pronunciation and spelling of words. This is only an FML if you do nothing to change it!

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You obviously have no room to talk shit.


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hmm nice reverse trolling too bad it didnt' work :(


that's absolutely true...i can never come across a thumbs-downed comment without having to take a look.

Part of having the first few comments is making them the best so all can see

Yeah, just how old are you if you can't spell..?

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w-o-w. y-o-u m-u-s-t b-e s-l-o-w get it?

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Lmao. How the hell can you write this FML then? Fake.

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this one took me a while to read. Haha I felt like a dumbass after I figured it out...