By Anonymous - United States
Today, I lazily answered the door in my pajamas. It was my elderly neighbor asking to borrow a can opener. Despite the strange and unwarranted scowl she was giving me I obliged. It wasn't until after she had left that I notice my penis was completely sticking out through the flap in my pants. FML
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  DeadMansCrack  |  4

You don't always immediately notice..if I'm wearing boxers or something and I have a "wardrobe malfunction" I don't usually notice the exact second it happens. I mean if this guy's junk had been hanging out for an hour I don't get how you wouldn't notice, but I don't think that's the case.

  plexico  |  3

screwtaylor, the plural of penis is penes or penises. You are using the possessive. Penis' means belonging to the penis.

If your exposure to penes are solely on the internet, you may be disappointed by real, live ones -- unless you've been trolling at, then you'll be overwhelmed!

  screwtaylor  |  0

Yup, you know I love them big bellies all up in my face.
I think I found you.

  ms_nobody  |  0

Sometimes this happens to my guy friend. When we wake up in the morning, I have to tell him to put it back in his pants or boxers. The little button sometimes slips out of place. Also I have had my boob come out of my swimsuit before at a swimpark, and I did not notice right away.