By Anonymous - 02/04/2009 04:36 - United States

Today, my friend was saying how her "nano" died. I quickly responded by saying, "So? Recharge it." Turns out she didn't say "nano"; she'd said "nana." FML
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at least you didn't tell her to forget about it and get a new one.


poo_shoe123 0

thats sucks. but whatever. you didnt know.

that's really not your fault! just explain quickly and it might even make her laugh!

at least you didn't tell her to forget about it and get a new one.

King_of_Kings 3

atleast you didn't say something like "don't be such a baby about it" or something worse.

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Lol, #3! Today, my nana died. I told my friends looking for support but instead he told me to charge my dead Grandmother. My little brother overheard and at the funeral he plugged her coffin into the powerpoint. FML

Lol. Could have been worse. You could have told her to take it back to the shop and ask if they could open it up and take a look.

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#8 yo Jimboom, good one man. i just cant think of anything clever to say today.

You're lucky you didn't say anything too offensive;;;

It is forgivable, but still I hate when this kind of misunderstanding happens to me. Mine is usually from hearing loss though...