By Anonymous - 06/04/2015 03:31 - United States - New Britain

Today, I found out that the nickname my friend has been calling me in Japanese for the past year is the word for "Idiot". FML
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shouldnt be a Baka, then.

you should be happy you aren't one of those idiots to tattoo Japanese symbols real big on their body


middlenamefrank 8

You never thought to ask him? Methinks your friend may be correct.

JMichael 25

The baka is strong in this one.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Unfortunately my last name is Baca so I get asked about the Japanese word a lot.

martin8337 35

If I am not mistaken, Baca is Spanish for cow.

Baka is also Filipino for cow, though.

ExtremeEncounter 32

76 people also say that to me too, on account of their ignorance. It's vaca. Baca is a fairly common Mexican last name.

sonasonic 34

Baka x ∞

shouldnt be a Baka, then.

To be fair in Japan it's used more as a funny nickname and not an insult.

#46 No... No its not

Shadowvoid 33

Can it not be both, Baka?

Since I have a friend who loves anime, of course I know that it is baka hahah

It actually depends on how you say it. The general translation is "fool"/"idiot", but it can really range anywhere between a vicious insult and an affectionate teasing ("you dummy"; etc).

PePziNL 20


Can be takku too

Nickb55 16

You must be a weaboo 46

Weeaboo? Wrong. Check Urbandictonary, or really any place that'd define weeaboo. A weeaboo is someone who hates themselves or others for not being Japanese and stuff like that. They also denounce their culture and wants to be Japanese, usually because of anime or manga.

You really are a Baka!

you should be happy you aren't one of those idiots to tattoo Japanese symbols real big on their body

RedPillSucks 31

that would be epic to see someone tattoo the Japanese symbols for idiot. someone post what the Japanese symbols are so I can keep a lookout. please don't use Google translate

ばか is the most common. You might see 馬鹿 or バカ as well depending on context

The probably mean it with love!

#6 In japan they usually say what they mean which is why they dont understand sarcasm when they first learn english.

ColonelCusswords 24

The word baka couldnt have meant anything good...

how do you NOT already know what "baka" means?

"Baka" means stupid, if they were calling him idiot, then his nickname would be "Aho."

They can be fairly interchangable, and have basically the same meaning.

Did the other kids on the short spill the beans?

We can teach you some curse words in different languages to say to him/her if you like to.