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Today, I was talking to my crush on MSN. She was telling me how her friend had passed away recently. I had two chats open and accidentally replied, "That's hilarious." FML
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YDI for taking a small mistake seriously.

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yeah! What if she died choking on cum? xD

You think that's bad you obviously never read the one of the guy who said something dirty to his grandmother.

23 is either an epic fail or epic win, I'm not sure which.

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who the hell still chats with msn??

>.< that doesn't really suck for you, it sucks for the girl..

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i found 23 to be the only funny one. now, THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!!!

I've done something like that before. fyl.

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LOL, happens to the best of us.

haha 23. I think ya commented on the wrong FML here. but who knows, maybe the person died in a curling iron-related injury!

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ugh I'm always scared of doing something like that.

Well... Tell her. I mean she is human and all humans have a sense of understanding.

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this is why contex clues are important.

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my bad I'm on my iPhone and I forgot the t. i'm sorry :(

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Me Too! holy crap we have so much in common!

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how the hell could you laugh at that. my friend died in a car crash and I did not find that one bit funny

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#130, I'm pretty sure he meant that he laughed at OP's mistake and not his crush's situation.

130, pretty sure that's the whole point of this post...

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you know what is hilarious? how everyone on fml has crushes. stop breast feeding grow some cahonas and tell the girl how u feel!!!

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hmmm check your multiple chat windows before replying. YDI for being careless! i hope you apologized to your friend for being a cold hearted insensitive jackass.

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umm, the OP was clearly not a "cold-hearted insensitive jackass", because if they were they wouldn't care that the message they sent might offend the friend. Oh and also, it was an ACCIDENT. I suppose you've never had one. You're the only insensitive jackass here.

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57- nope never had one. you must be a miserable individual to have come up with such a lame reply. have a nice day :D

it's happened to me beofre. it's pretty awful. FYL hopefully she will undersatnd

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awww it deleted my comment I put on this one:(

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Never correct Jessi! Shame on you all!

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I was about to say the same thing haha.

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3 people on your side:). it just deleted t comment though:(

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FOUR PEOPLE+u= five we can take over the world now muahhahahahhahaha

YDI for not checking. I bet your crush was like my pic when you sent that message