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  Bakarra  |  22

I had meant "has enough extra wheels to, with the original two wheels, make a full car" but surely you can see how it's less funny if I drag it out so much

  desoto96  |  9

I think if you don't trust your kid enough to go on a date alone, then you just shouldn't let them go. Other wise it's just cruel and unusual punishment.

  queerdragon  |  20

I went on my first date when I was 13. My parents took us to the movies. They went to a different movie and told us to wait for them if we got out first. Then they took us to dinner and let us sit alone.

But by the time I was 15 they let me go on dates alone.

I think under 14 and you need to have parents there, at least within the same building.


But, the way this FML is worded, it kinda sounds like she means that they are literally going ON the date with them, like, sitting at the same table/in the same movie theatre row/etc.

Either way, I kind of feel like, if you are too young to go on a date by yourself, you might be too young to go on a date at all.

By  borntoperform  |  14

I know a guy who's about to have a kid and when she gets older he'll totally do shit like this. He means well, he's just always been rediculously protective of girls, me included, and wants to make sure that they're treated well and respected. He goes a little far sometimes though.