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  evan_7899  |  28

Yes, i bet shes the "popular" one who won't go very far in life all the while OP will surely dart forward and leave the sister in the dust, with her ego, temporary beauty, and pettiness. Also happy birthday OP

  HanBroman  |  20

who's giving out these birthday balloons? that seems awfully attention seeking anyway, like those chick's who come to school with a tiara and sash as if their birthday is any more special than anyone elses. ugh.

  Clioo_fml  |  17


1) you do realize that OP's friends could have gotten the birthday balloon for her?

2) so people aren't allowed to celebrate their own birthdays, even if it does mean showing up in tiaras and such? Just cause they don't wear tiaras for everyone else's birthdays (that would be weird anyway) doesn't mean that they're implying that their own birthday is more special.

Could you explain your logic, maybe?

  sweetbliss3  |  37

on my birthday I buy those cardboard tiara things that say happy birthday and wear it all day on my bday. my fiancee bought me one and so did a classmate. so I wore one each for my bday and the next three days. not a big ego but I wore the other two since they got them for me and mine bc everyone should celebrate their own birthday. doesnt matter how it's done

  skyttlz  |  32

My birthday is in August so I don't get any school celebration. I have a tiara and a "birthday girl" ribbon that I wear to my bday party. I turned 19 two months ago.

  HanBroman  |  20

#70 #77 maybe it's a cultural thing. at my school the only people that do that are attention seeking whores; the kind who only come to school the day after their 18th to act hungover and show everyone how 'cool' they are. The kind that actually buy their own tiara and sash. THATs pathetic. and everyone hates them except their own little possy who sing happy birthday way too loudly at lunchtime to let everyone know how great friends they are. at a school of 1000 people, there's going to be about 3 birthdays a day. so birthdays aren't that special and there's only a select few attention whores who do this and it pisses the hell out of everyone.

for op if your friends bought the balloon for you fair enough, your sister was probably jealous that she has to share the attention. In which case fyl for having a twin who's an attention whore

  evilplatypus  |  38

It's pretty dumb, as well. I think most people would be aware that twins almost always have the same birthday.

It's definitely not too dumb to insult though. I've yet to see a stupid too stupid to insult.

  asherm  |  15

Unless one born before midnight and the other after midnight, but of course this doesn't sound like the case. The whiney sister needs to grow up