By lovelychris - 16/12/2012 19:15 - Brazil - S?o Paulo

Today, my "friends" set me up on a blind date with a guy who according to their description, sounded perfect in just about every way. He turned out to be my obsessive ex, and this is their idea of a funny prank. FML
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You didn't ask questions? Like his name or....anything else relevant?

BLIND date. You don't know anything about them.

Well OP's username sure pointed out that she knew his name now.

Prettybaux 6

If Chris is his name.. That's a pretty common name. If they did tell her, she probably didn't think twice about it. And I feel your pain OP. that really sucks. Had something similar happen to me.

15 - a mate of mine split with a girl as they were a bit psychotic together. He decided to try eHarmony and his best match was said ex. At least he saw the funny (ironical) side!

jgriff79 23

Sounds like "what about Mary".

Sound like you need new friends, sorry OP :( it's one thing if it was just an ex, but a crazy one. Lol

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It took my 16 months to shake off my crazy, obsessive ex for good.

You need new friends OP. That is a horrible prank to play on someone, and should tell you all you ever need to know about your 'friends'

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I'd find some friends who actually care about your feelings. I wouldn't want to be friends with people who mess with my feelings like it's a game. And anyone I know who turns into monsters like that instantly gets excised from my life without a second thought (if it can be done anyways, like for work, school, neighborhood, etc)

Eh, it's possible the friends didn't know exactly how bats**t crazy the ex was, but yea, probably time to look for new friends

I wonder what they told him to get him to come... By the way it doesn't seem too bad I think they're still friends.

OP described him as obsessive, so I doubt it took much coaxing.

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Guys, bestnameright is 13 and his location is 'your Mom's bed', these two things alone make his comments invalid.

Why didn't you ask what his name was? But you do have shitty friends.

Give him a second chance, to remind him why you got rid of your ex the first time.

All that will do is cause the ex to get even more obsessive, and worst, when OP does decide to break things off again, he'll think he has a chance since OP accepted them back last time (hence, more obsessiveness). All in all, not a good idea :p

perdix 29

If he was perfect the first time around, he perfect enough to try again. This time, try to make it work! Having someone obsessed with you can come in handy.

But he wasn't perfect the first time around -- the relationship ended.

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Oh, he was perfect, the OP just fumbled on that one. The "friends" we're just giving her another shot at perfection.