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By BlackCheetah101 - 04/11/2009 06:51 - Australia

Today, I had a blind date that my friend set me up for. My date was the ugliest, most disgusting person you will ever meet, but I thought that I would give him a chance. He saw me, eyed me up and down, then said to my friend, "You're kidding, right?" FML
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Maybe he meant it in a positive way, like because he thought you were way out of his league and that there was no way you'd go for him.

Just goes to show beggars can be choosers after all, guess you didn't get chosen. xD


Yikes, that sucks. (cough cough) first (cough cough)

(cough cough) replying to first just to be read (cough cough) op, you must be ugly as hell (i'd rather say "ugly as ****", but i don't wanna be rude bwahahaha)

im replying to number 1 so i can be read!!!! YEY MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!

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you can't even spell "yay"? wow...

You can't even start your retarded, simplistic sentence with a capital letter.... wow. Win +1

"Yay" is not a word, it's a sound. You can spell it "yey" if you think that's how it sounds.

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*back to the FML* Can you really complain OP? This is classic karma at work here. You think some guy is ugly only to find out that he doesn't think you look like the beauty queen you see yourself as. FYL, but not for the guy thinking you're, FYL for being a shallow bitch. Hell, for all we know, you ASSUMED he was talking about your looks. How do you know he wasn't picking up on the fact that you're shallow?

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Looks like you two deserve each other.

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Lawl your comments are hilarious, Forget the FML you spelled a sound wrong!

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I doesn't necessarily mean that she's ugly. He might have a warped sense of beauty, being ugly himself.

#68. How is it karma if despite thinking this person was physically unattractive the OP decided to give the date and chance only to have a completely tactless and rude gesture thrown back at her? Do we have to control how people think despite the fact that their actions didn't reflect those thoughts?

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Well look on the brightside.... wait there isn't one =

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This is something y'all can talk about to to your kids.. "Lemme tell you how I met your mother kids.. "we met in a mall that my bud set up and I thought she was uglier then homemade soup...and she thought that too!! Haha you know the rest..."

Maybe he thought you were way out of his league?

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It's karma because, despite the OP giving the guy a chance, she described him as "the ugliest, most disgusting person you' ever meet." I've met some unattractive people in my time, but NONE of them deserve such a harsh label. So everything's fine and dandy, he's "the ugliest, most disgusting person you'll ever meet" but hey, whatever...untill the favor is returned. It more of an "If you can dish it out..." situation. It's obviousy ok for the OP to describe someone as "the ugliest, most disgusting person you' ever meet" but any hint that she might be the slightest bit unattractive herself? Hey...that's uncalled for.

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#60, id just like to say, neither did you on comment #54.

(cough cough) Shallow and shallow go together!

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Onomatopoeia words still have spellings. Sure, sometimes it's just common sense, but if I write yey, then it's underlined in red, whereas 'yay' isn't. Yay is in the dictionary, yey isn't.

neither did 54..... and 'win +1'?????????how much of a nerd can u get, "snort heh heh win plus one!! uber noob alert!! weeze"

to numer one and twenty eight is there like a flu going around or something?

lol......i can feel for you. its not always better to be nice.

Just goes to show beggars can be choosers after all, guess you didn't get chosen. xD

Maybe he meant it in a positive way, like because he thought you were way out of his league and that there was no way you'd go for him.

Totally agreed, I understood it that way...

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Oh, Twinklestar, you are very kind and generous. You are a very nice person, but I think you've got this one wrong. Ugly people are not attracted to other ugly people. We ugly guys want to get the prettiest woman we can. Some of us are able to land someone better-looking than we deserve, but a lot of us cannot. The reason you see ugly people together is that they have both come to the realization that good-looking, or even ordinary-looking people are unobtainable, so they settle for another ugly. Obviously, both of the ugly people on the blind date are not at that desperate stage and think they can do better. I believe that is the correct interpretation of the story. BTW, I have a great personality!

If by great, you mean horrible, then I agree...

I agree with #30. The most realistic case is that they are both uglies, but she is slightly more to the stage where she's going to accept and settle for another ugly. If you're one of those rare breed of people that actually cared about personality, you wouldn't have made those comments in your FML OP. You're just as shallow as most other people out there. You never really were going to give the guy a chance because he was too ugly for you, you just wanted to appease your mutual friend.

I don't think that's true. Sure, most people care about looks to some extent but that doesn't mean they don't care about other things enough to cancel that out. Personally I find I view someone different depending on how I feel about them. I have a friend I've had since childhood who I am very loyal to given how long we've known each other but who has a lot of personality problems and is pretty much a downright bitch. People always say she is very beautiful, but being completely honest, I simply can't see it and think she's rather unattractive and she can't keep her boyfriends. My best friend however, who I think is a wonderful person, people never comment on her looks when meeting her, but I think she is quite gorgeous personally and her boyfriends are always crazy about her. I'm sure the OPs opinion of the guys looks would have a lot to do with his comment. No doubt he was ugly, but perhaps not the most disgusting person she had ever seen. On the other hand, if she'd had a great date with him, found he had a great personality and made her laugh a lot she'd probably describe him as average or not great looking, but not really ugly either by the end of the night. If she said she was giving him a chance, I don't think anyone should disbelieve her. And I'm guessing she doesn't look like a model or he wouldn't have said anything (unless it was so he could feel he was saving face because she would undoubtedly reject him) but that doesn't mean she was ugly. Have you seen how many guys on internet forums will say any average looking girl is hideous if she doesn't look like a model? Perhaps he was some fat nerd who had developed this way of thinking spending all his time online.

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Ouch, Twinklestar! I tried to say how nice you were and this is how you characterize me? "Perhaps he was some fat nerd who had developed this way of thinking spending all his time online." Yikes! FYI, I've been losing weight, but I have a ways to go before I'm one of those "After" photos that sometimes show up in the right-hand column. The nerdiness, sadly, is incurable. I have yet to meet someone in person whom I first met online, but I'd venture to say that if I like them from our online encounter, I'd probably accept someone whose looks might not be as good as what appeals to me in person. I might be the opposite of the guys you encounter on the internet forums, but I think a girl who takes a pleasant, cute picture is probably quite attractive in real life.

I was talking about the guy in the OPs post, not you, and I wasn't saying that was all guys on the internet. Just that it is a lot of guys on the internet, and seems like a very warped way of thinking some guys have developed online ( perhaps offline too, and are not so vocal about it) where girls are either super model beautiful, or dog ugly, with very little middle ground and very little consideration given to their own looks.

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Oh, Twinklestar, I am so relieved. I'm glad you were not talking about me. Whew! For the record, your picture looks quite nice and appears to be in that middle ground between "super model beautiful" and "dog ugly," but leaning more to the "super model beautiful" side. ;)

"...was the ugliest, most disgusting person you will ever meet" maybe her opinion of him went down the drain after she received that comment, before that he could have just been plain ugly to her.


sorry for reposting that twice my cp is messed up and it posted to the wrong person p.s. i had a online boyfriend who i would normally consider ugly but because of what twinkle star said i thought he was kind of in the middle and i really liked him however we live in two different states and never got to meet and how old are you any ways perdix just curious but um . . . uh oh yeah why don't people put their pictures on here? i would like to see peoples actuall faces some times, my cp not working thats why no pic SORRY TOOK SO LONG ADHD

Today, I took the time to read all of these comments. FML.

have you looked in mirror because that could be your answer

After you've looked in the mirror, thank your friend for setting you up with someone you obviously deserve; ugly and most disgusting person ever.

aww doesn't it just Suck when "the loser" thinks you're the loser :)

"the ugliest, most disgusting person you will ever meet"?! Hmmm.... you're nice.

perhaps OP is one of those girls who are pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside, and this guy happened to see that in her.

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I think you deserve it simply for the way you described him.

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you prob only described him like that because he totally rejected you