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Today, I was excited about being set up on a blind date by one of my new co-workers. It turns out the guy she thought would be a "totally perfect match" for me is the ex who cheated on me. FML
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Jrefinne 7

Maybe find out his name first? It may be a blind date, but it doesn't have to be a deaf one.

NA053193 0

I really hope you threw your drink at him. FYL


It's a small world, hey? Don't give up!! Oh but uhh, maybe skip the blind dates in future :P

I'm so sorry, you went on a what date?...-_-

^ they went on a blind date. it's when people don't think their girl is pretty and cut their eyes out/ put on a blindfold to not see said woman

I bet he was thinking "I shall sleep with her again!! mwahhahamwaha"

rebekahah 7

59- yeah. and it's really gross if they don't clean the blood off of the blindfold. have some self respect, people!

37- a blind date is when two people don't know each other (or in this case, two people who other people didn't know knew each other) get put together for a date by friends. But, I approve of the above comments.

go out with him again, then cheat on him. revenge is sweeter than any candy. oh, and order a steak so you can slap him with it.

And ruin a perfectly good steak? She should order a tofu burger. Artificial meat seems to fit the situation in my mind.

Nice idea especially the steak bit lol, but I can't help but feel that if she cheated on him she would only be degrading herself.

Mmm, excellent point Nimmrodel. Perhaps "accidental" sterilization would fit the bill? Spill a pot of coffee on his crotch maybe? I don't typically approve of going for the 'nads, but I don't like cheaters.

awardZu 0

I agree with eggnog. Why waste a perfectly good steak? Use the plate instead!

I like your thinking Eggnogg it's devastating and easily made to look like an accident. I hope OP is taking notes.

awardZu, I disagree with you. If she uses the plate she could potentially be charged with battery. The more I think about it, the better Msbunnies idea seems. What guy wants to be slapped in the face with "meat"?

kaysha_fml 0

I agree a veggi burger would be better to throw at his face but be sure to put hot sauce in it and a lot so you can say it slipped and he will probably go blind " what a bastard "

you could be charged with assault using a steak as well...

i agree with everyone agreeing with one another. she should get a std and infect the guy with it. he will never forget her that way

AllKnowingBrett 0

just order the most expensive meal and drinks, and make him pay

andreabeth95 2

AKBrett- literally and figuratively :)

Use the knife and fork to stab him then eat the steak with your hands, how a steak should be eaten.

51 yea but so what. he'll remember what he did

Eh. Two wrongs don't make a right. That's just stooping to his level.

Mcgirr13 0

well I think u should look at him for a minute straight in the eye, so he looks then he'll try to make a move. then, u can leave or have all hell break loose


am i the only person here who doesnt understand this?

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you deserved it the other girl was prolly much prettier

5 your a dick go **** yourself I bet OP is pretty than you dumbASS

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I'm just speaking the truth, u mad?

People, let us not feed the troll. Please.

NA053193 0

I really hope you threw your drink at him. FYL

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I dont think she dates Negros

Sprocket 5

I think that 17's question may have actually been directed at a comment that was directly above this one, but was deleted by the Mod gods.

it was I saw it earlier and it's a good job it's gone.

It was deleted right when I was about to tear into the guy and make his day very unhappy by inflicting phycological pain upon his immature self.

at least when you were together you were the perfect match

A7X_LoVeee 10

At least she was spot on with the matchmaking

Jrefinne 7

Maybe find out his name first? It may be a blind date, but it doesn't have to be a deaf one.

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How awkward. He probably felt the same way OP.