By lonely - / Monday 4 April 2011 10:15 / United Kingdom
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  franniedottp  |  8

37- a blind date is when two people don't know each other (or in this case, two people who other people didn't know knew each other) get put together for a date by friends.
But, I approve of the above comments.

  ILoveEggnog  |  7

Mmm, excellent point Nimmrodel. Perhaps "accidental" sterilization would fit the bill? Spill a pot of coffee on his crotch maybe? I don't typically approve of going for the 'nads, but I don't like cheaters.

  ILoveEggnog  |  7

awardZu, I disagree with you. If she uses the plate she could potentially be charged with battery. The more I think about it, the better Msbunnies idea seems. What guy wants to be slapped in the face with "meat"?

  kaysha_fml  |  0

I agree a veggi burger would be better to throw at his face but be sure to put hot sauce in it and a lot so you can say it slipped and he will probably go blind " what a bastard "

  Mcgirr13  |  0

well I think u should look at him for a minute straight in the eye, so he looks then he'll try to make a move. then, u can leave or have all hell break loose

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