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Today, I was sitting on the train and some crazy man started talking to me. I ignored him, and he tapped on my shoulder. He started blabbing and I just pointed to my ears and mouthed "I'm deaf." He stopped talking. A minute later my phone rang and I answered it without thinking. FML
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I guess faking a serious impairment is always okay.

Don't be such a jerk. For all you know... he was telling you the secret of life! Dun dun dun... But no seriously, that plan was doomed to fail in some form.


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Lol nice one. And 1st?

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YDI for having a vagina

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Deaf people are being such pussies right now jesus christ STFU!

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This is wen u say "it's a miracle!" :)

This guy told my family a story about how he really didn't want to talk to the people next to him who wanted to talk to him on an airplane, so he pointed to his ear and shook his head. So then the flight attendant comes by and asks him what he wants, and the people next to him shouted, "Oh, no, ma'am, he's deaf!" So the attend says, "Oh! Hang on one sec!" and runs away to go find someone, and she comes back with this flight attendant that knows sign language, and she begins signing to him, and he looks confused, and apparently she mouthed really slowly, " don't know how to sign?!" Basically, his plan backfired. Badly. So 99's "IT'S A MIRACLE!" would have probably worked in this situation. :D

The phone also could have been on vibrate. How would he know?

that is what I was thinking

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the problem isn't tht op knew someone is calling, it is tht the op could listen to the person on the other line haha

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Say it was the vibrating feature. Well, you should probably mouth it

cuz hed prolly har the person on the other line?

104 that's halerious. that sounds like something from I love Lucy

u probly don't even play football

-.- the problem isn't the ringtone. please tell me: how can you talk on the phone if you're deaf?? it would be a pretty much one way convo

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#114 she could say its on vibrate

Yeah totally...lololol

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The problem is that they were talking on the phone . They could obviously hear the person on the other end, then .

accept... they answered and LISTENED to the other person on the phone lol.


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that kinda sucks. would've been genius though.

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no, it wouldn't have. because faking impairment makes you an asshole, not a genius.

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i have to agree with selenes.

Yeah YDI for being a bitch. You should have just told him u didn't feel like talking. I hope you are stricken deaf.

you guys are so hostile to someone who didn't want to talk to someone on a train, so what if she said she was deaf that doesn't mean you need to call her names

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She was probably just trying to be nice, you're all the ones who are bitches if you were to say "I don't give a shit". Also, if you think about it in real life, that would be HILARIOUS, like something out of The Simpsons.

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why did you mouth it? you're deaf, not a mute

deaf people "unlearn" how to talk after a while, because they can't hear themselves

Deaf people don't really speak to well. As they've never heard anyone speak.

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the crazy train!

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haha good one!

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See you should have just ignored him. then you wouldnt have gotten caught in a lie. lol. silly.

I guess faking a serious impairment is always okay.

you fuck, how do you think that makes the deaf people feel. im deaf. and that guy is a bloody wanker, fucking asshole. you people who think this was a good idea or think its nice need to go suck a big meaty black cock while you have an mace up your fucking asshole. YDI fucker.

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Deadrose shut the FUCK up. He was being sarcastic. You're deaf, not blind. So What's your excuse for shitty comprehension????

Calm the fuck down. I know a lot of Deaf people and for the record if you were really Deaf chances are you would spell it with a big 'D' because those are generally the people who care about this shit, unless you are deaf with a little 'd' in which case you most likely wouldn't give a flying fuck about this. Chances are you aren't Deaf at all, you are just a dumbass.

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Capitalizing a letter doesn't mean you care.

she was trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation by pretending to be deaf. perhaps she could have done it better, but it really was not a big deal. so while she has an excuse, there is no excuse for your rudeness. at all. (this is in response to ... deadrose was it?)

Don't be such a jerk. For all you know... he was telling you the secret of life! Dun dun dun... But no seriously, that plan was doomed to fail in some form.

Or if there was life after death?

Remember, higher powers often appear in unexpected guises. You would do well to listen. Seriously, you could have come up with something better than "I'm deaf." Just pretend to listen, smile and nod. Or just ask him politely to be quiet. Or, if you're not in the mood for manners, tell him to fuck off.

Everyone all ready knows it, it's 42. (Please tell me that you get that reference)

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that was mean of you! lol xD

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lmfao. nice one.