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By birthday_loser - 23/01/2013 19:33 - United States - Newport News

Today, I was upset because my brother, who I'm very close to, didn't call me for my birthday yesterday. I told my mom about it, and we both immediately went silent on the phone, as we both realized she forgot to call me yesterday as well. FML
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Dblocker 18

I never really understood why people made such a big deal about birthdays, maybe it's just me.

Karalela44 15

Well...happy belated birthday, OP


Dblocker 18

I never really understood why people made such a big deal about birthdays, maybe it's just me.

MrBrightside21 20

It's an excuse to get naked in public.

WhatYouMean 4

You were clearly never loved when you were a child if you don't think a birthday is big

Now i think birthdays are special and have valid points in life, but just because someone doesn't like birthdays or 'see the point' of them doesn't mean they weren't loved

MrBrightside21 20

Fo shizzle dawg. Only for the cops though. For example: "Police! Where are your clothes?!?!?" "It's my birthday!" "Oh. Party on, pal!"

That happened to me, too, but the cop wasn't wearing that I think about it, maybe he wasn't a cop...

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

I too don't see a big point in birthdays. "Hurray! You were born exactly *insert age* from today! Let's all celebrate and tomorrow no body'll give a shit".

You're not alone, I don't think birthdays are a big deal either.. As a child I can understand it being a big deal..

I don't even celebrate birthdays, it's not really a big deal to me.

Birthdays can be a touchy subject. To some people, it's to celebrate someone's life and coming into the world. But to others, it's just another day. Neither is right or wrong, just an opinion.

Well in truth, every day is just another day, unless we want to give it a name and celebrate it. I mean I hope I'm not born again this year!

dontpanic_fml 32

#9, have I been doing birthdays wrong this whole time?

SystemofaBlink41 27

I kinda like being told happy birthday honestly, but to get mad at a relative or friend for not remembering(which I fully understand, I suck balls at remembering stuff) it's just not me... If it weren't for the facebook birthday thing, I wouldn't know shit! Edit: but then again, it's the parent we're talking about, so... : /

calibabe0321 6

I'm not big on birthdays either, but who doesn't love having one day that's all about them and the presents don't hurt

Birthday is just an excuse to celebrate and get all the attention. You feel special and some people love that shit. Let's not forget the gifts

@22 When the cops see me, they be looking like "Damn, he's fly", they don't even question the fact that I am naked.

I love celebrating birthdays!!! I don't care if it mine or a friend's or a family member. Of course it must be someone I care about... But it's a day to go yay!!!!! Your my friend/sister/brother (etc) I'm glad you're here! Happy Birthday!!! Let's eat cake! Speaking of that, has everyone forgotten about the CAKE!???!!! :-)

I don't think it's just you, #1, I think it depends on how many birthdays you've had.… Wait… there's cake?

irishpassion16 6

I'm not so big on birthdays, but I'd be pretty concerned if my mom forgot the day she ..."dislodged" We've all heard "those" stories...

free2speak 14

To me birthdays are important. Not because of the gifts or being able to celebrate one day where it's kinda sorta "all about me" but because it makes me appreciate how many people truly remember and love me. I've had suicidal thoughts during the lowest points of my life and birthdays, at least to me, are a reminder of whose life I would impact if I took away my own life. Even during the low times, what stopped me was knowing I don't have the right to put my loved ones through that kind of suffering. Even Facebook BD wishes are somewhat significant in that someone thought you were worth the time to wish HBD. In retrospect, it was all silly and things always got better but it sure is easy to forget how many people care when you're at your lowest point in life and birthday are nice reminders of that. But in this case, knowing your family forgot could be a total contrast to my situation. So there you have it.. Why birthdays are a big deal to some people. TL;DR: BD's are a big deal because its nice to be reminded about who loves you enough to call and wish and could prevent from being depressed/suicidal. Or not, in OP's case.

88 - People who dislike you can still wish you a happy birthday. It's completely fake and meaningless. Not everyone does it because they care. In-laws, for example. Just saying.

I also never got why is a birthday any important at all. I respect people who think it's important, and will try to remember their birthday if they care, but I don't get it at all and don't care about my own birthday. I don't get why people say it has anything to do with knowing who cares. People who care are there for you the whole year, whenever you need. A birthday is just a date. I think it's ridiculous that some people will get angry at family, friends and lovers and act as they don't care just for forgetting their birthdays when those people have shown their love when it really mattered constantly.

No it's not only you. I find celebrating birthdays pretty stupid, you're a day older than the day before, nothing worth noting at all.

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm super late but I agree... Birthdays are overrated...

Oh stop. Cake, presents, an excuse to get together with those you love, even just a day where you're allowed to dedicate a bit of time to yourself. Enjoy it, you deserve it after making that trip around the sun. :)

dorworters 9

presents are nice, and so is cake. but aside from that, ehllychan is right. people who care care year round. the ones who only care on birthdays dont actually care. its just another day. an excuse to party, but aside from the superficial, pretty idiotic. why not just do it in segments of 5? or 6 months? whats so special about a year?

Karalela44 15

Well...happy belated birthday, OP

ThePsyche 9

Belated. I like that word. Not necessarily in the context of OP's FML, but in a general sense. :3

Happy Birthday, OP! ^o^/ Sorry that your family members forgot to call you. :( FYL. T_T

It's okay my dad's mom called him a month late to tell him happy birthday...

eric40962005 8

You mean your grandmother right just checking...

The point was to specify that her grandma didn't forget a son in laws birthday, but her son's. yes, that makes her the grandmother

If that happened to me, i would just buy them a countdown until my next birthday

Yes, but instead of spending money on a countdown for THEM, you should buy and awesome present for yourself!

A surprise party! I guess you got surprised, at least I hope!

Your profile pic makes ur comment seem extremely sarcastic.

it happens to my wife every year... sux having a family that doesn't care enough to remember... *** it, we still have fun!