By pizzachest - 19/08/2011 13:11 - Canada

Today, I discovered that I won't be able to wear the dress with a low neck line that I bought for my cousin's wedding, because my older brother thought it would be funny to mix a scented body-wash that he knows makes my skin break out in hives, with my regular one. My chest looks like a pizza. FML
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Pizza is in this season.

Sucks to be you! Anyway, it's your cousin's day. Not everyone's gonna be looking at you so you'll be fine!


Sucks to be you! Anyway, it's your cousin's day. Not everyone's gonna be looking at you so you'll be fine!

I will eat your chest!

eminemchick 19

pizza and boobs seem to be a mans best friend this year! youre in luck! all you need is a video game console across ur chest:)

That sucks. I guess it also depends when the wedding is though..

I don't get it ? You ordered pizza and it dropped on your chest ? How is that fml, just clean it up (unless it stained cArpet, in which it is fml then hehe )

Put some Birth Control in that MF's Lucky Charms.

32- OP has acne on her chest

dont worry about it, unless its an olive pizza....

I hope your milk tastes better, too!

Let me see if your chest tastes like pizza.

UDI for not throwing the body wash out after you know what it does to your skin.

Can't you read, #67? She thought she was using her normal body wash which DOESN'T give her a reaction, but her brother pulled a prank on her by putting a different kind of body wash in the bottle.

So... You didn't recognize the scent of this dreaded scented body wash you hate so much? YDI

In all honesty I think the bro was looking out for op. Making it so he won't be so revealing during this occasion. And what the hell anyways? she was PLANNING on wearing a low-cut dress to a wedding? Like seriously? First of all. You're asking for stares when you dress like that. And you are probably one of those girls that is pissed off when a guy has sex on the mind.

Throw out your brother and buy a new one.

Bludmagnus 13

You have issues. The brother needs a thorough cockpunting while she is wearing steel-toed boots. Anyone who found this funny are the kind of people that shows why Carlos Mencia had a show.

Pizza is in this season.

SirObvious 1

Pizza is delicious...

bridawg 0

are your nipples the pepperonni?

do you know how to spell pepperoni?

bridawg 0

**** you if all your going to do is judge people vocabulary. sorry that i dont use the word pepperoni often enough to memorize its every letter. sorry i dont hold a dictionary next to my bed and read it every time i go unto my nighful slumber. what do you do, go on the internet and mock people thinking you are more intelligent than the person your speaking with? you must have some small balls if thats what you do on here. i for one go on the internet and write what i think are funny comments hoping to get some humor from my fellow FMLites but you sir must enjoy ruining those moments. nice first impression prick

haha im sorry i offended you. but this is fml, and that's like the only thing people on here know how to do. plus, do you see i have 4 thumbs up? this is good.

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But in this case, boobs are pizza. So pizzaboobs=eww.

flockz 19

mmmmmm cheesy pepperoni mushrooms.... oh god.

Sounds good, huh?

I find it funny hehe

jellitonoctopus 19

Your cousin is in on it, she didn't want you stealing all the attention. ;D

Guess which one of the bridesmaids ain't hookin up in the closet at this wedding

oh well maybe some people will find it attractive

wear a turtle neck dress

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She doesn't want to look like a grandma :D

xk75 4

Wear a boat neck or other type of high neck dress that's short, tight, and possibly has a plunging back (if the body wash didn't cause a breakout there). Make your ass of a brother pay for it, better yet just take his credit card and charge up a storm - get your hair and nails done on his dime too!

pepperoni nipples

eminemchick 19


jellitonoctopus 19

Hmmm, should I choose matte or shine?