Smells like victory

By B-rent - 18/03/2011 16:10 - United States

Today, I discovered that the lovely, hunger-inducing smell that's been lingering around the office lately is from the local animal crematory. I've been wistfully inhaling the stench of burning cats, dogs, and other various animals. FML
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Vegetarians can get bent. Mmmmmmm...Labrador retrieverburger... What, too soon?

aww sucks :(


aww sucks :(

TayonaC 10

that stinks

KiddNYC1O 20

That blows.

persianjr1 7

that sucks. lol

That sucks yah:D

C-C-C Combo Breaker ! You may burry my comment but somebody had to say it.

well it is burning meat... nothing too unusual about that

Fuck ur hottt

That blows like a pornstar. lol

Well, the smell of other animals cooking smells good so why shouldn't dogs and cats right?! :D ...right..?

Boredumm 6

lol probably smelled like a BBQ xD

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Wrong, probably smelled like Chinese food. Yum!

I bet it was like chinese food. There was this restaurant in the city that got shut down for serving dog meat while my friend was there eating.

oh god I would have vomitted on their face! ugh


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Towards Narnia!

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wth. just. what. the. hell.

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Joe Walker, ftw! lol

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That's considered a delicacy in some places.

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like where???

SkateboardGirl88 11

like China and India!

TayonaC 10

watch bizarre foods!

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I wouldn't say a delicacy. But you can choose your own dog to have butchered in parts of China.

It's a joke. Asian food is often joked as being cat or dog meat. Especially Chinese.

it actually is. i know chinese eat dog and some koreans do too but it is illegal and looked down upon.

Most europeans eat horsemeat

it's not illegal in china or Korea to eat dogs or cats. that's dumb. why would it be? it's just a very old outdated tradition that people don't do anymore.

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17 u r miss informed viets eat dogs not chinese

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

15- I believe you were misinformed as of how to spell misinformed.

Well you know what they say: if it smells good, eat it!!(:

TayonaC 10

or if it looks good, eat it... that reminds me of andrew Zimmerman I really should stop watching that show so much o_O

that's gross:p I love kitties!

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Kitties rock m/ >.< m/ as a matter of fact it's in my description that I like kitties XD

I like kitties too....extra BBQ sauce pls

testthecoal 5

You know what makes me hungry? Not you. Only doc and boners stir up a primordial sate for awesomeness

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I'm sorry. That's creepy as ****. FYL OP :/

I'm gonna say YDI because what first was "delicious" and a "hunger-inducing" smell now is plain stench just because you now know what it is. It's not fun to know that it's cremated dog and other dead animal smell but still..

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Well today I was walking to school and I smelt this yummy fruit salad smell that made me so hungry.. turns out to be someone garbage on the curb..

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cool story

This is what makes serial killers.

Vegetarians can get bent. Mmmmmmm...Labrador retrieverburger... What, too soon?

lol @ retrieverburger