By fuckingbeliebers - United States - Gorham
Today, my friend and I were discussing music bands, and I asked who her favorite Queen member is. She looked at me like I was from another world and said, "I don't have a favorite British queen. That's like, so weird." FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

Today, I was discussing music with my friend when she asked me who my favorite Queen was. Without thinking, I replied that it would be really stupid to have a favorite British queen. Two seconds later, I realised how retarded I am. FML

  Aug1508  |  9

Well my favorite queen happens to be queen Elizabeth.... Lol jk. I feel sorry for OP, if you don't know who Queen is, you don't real music... We are the champions!!!

  Laurenlou  |  24

If the parents listen to music like that, then the kids will know the old stuff, and the new stuff from an early age.
Some of my friends parents have listened to nothing but current pop since my friends were young, so of course most teens like that wouldn't know Queen.

  Enslaved  |  36

Music can be a personal choice. What stirs me may not give you the same feelings. Ex: I'm an "Iron Maiden" fan but can't stand "AC/DC". I have been criticized and called crazy for both reasons.
**I don't understand why some want to cookie cut everyone into liking the same music etc... To each their own.


It's cause they don't give a crap all they want to do is rap out a stupid song that they think they know the words too instead of listening to the music that started it all the good music like Queen, Aerosmith, Cheep Trick, Tesla, Firehouse and sooooooooooo much more it's sad to think that some teens and kids don't know good music. My pic I'm going to see Aerosmith in concert music is my thing my dad got me into this music when I was like 12

  brt3420  |  13

Just because someone from a different generation then you doesn't mean they have horrid taste in music, yeah we get it bieber is a fag he sucks that's not real music. But not all of us should love the same bands. I'm 19 I'll listen to almost any genre of music and find good songs. I mostly listen to rap, but was raised country on my farm.

  FranzFerdinand  |  18

Oh my gosh; you listen to classic rock bands, so what? Get over it. Your taste in music doesn't make you better than anyone else, and this is coming from someone who likes Queen and other older music as well as modern stuff (with the exception of pop; not my cup of tea.) "Kids these days" is such a bullshit phrase. "Different from how you did it" doesn't necessarily mean "bad," you just happen to dislike it- and that's all right until you decide to bash on other peoples' tastes.

And don't use rap as an example of modern music; it's been around for ages and can be really good if the rapper is actually passionate about music and not fame.

  RadioOctopus  |  16

Fran'z, you're my hero. Music is music. No specific tastes are truly "better" than any, it all depends on your taste preferences. I hate seeing people bashing on others music preferences.. When it comes down to it, all that matters is if you personally enjoy it or not. Age, sound, culture, lyrics, band, fans, instruments, voice, etc. you should NEVER hate on what someone enjoys unless it is harming you or anyone else in some way, simply out of common courtesy.. Personally I listen to jazz, oldies, hardstyle, r&b, chillwave, metal, rap, classical, new age, tribal, Spanish, etc. and I love and respect ALL of them including the genres I hate. It's pure common sense.


Oh yah you guys are right because whatever genre justin burner is in totally deserves respect give me a break. And I was talking about the classic bands not rappers or pop stars BANDS.


No one can call a certain type of music bad because it's all personal opinion. Just like I can like anchovies on my pizza but a lot of you probably don't. Stop talking about how music today is shit and just listen and enjoy the music you do like.

  Hershey903  |  5

I hate my generation and their taste of music. The other day i was wearing a Beatles shirt while singing one of their songs. Someone asked me who they were. When I told her they were an English band who was one of the best bands in the 60's and 70's, she then replied "Oh just like One Direction!" -_-

  bitch_pleez  |  10

I'm 16 and I'm surprised at how many people my age have no respect for the classics. Thank god my parents introduced me to real music so I don't have to deal with the crap my friends listen to.

  DiscoKiller  |  4

you only get in the HOF if you acheive longevity and greatness. None of the pop bands are going to do this because the general music buying public have the attention spans of goldfish and only invest emotionally with artists if they do something controversial outside of music or have a particular stance on whatever. When music was just music, i.e. Queen was just four guys strutting about a stage, and very little was seen or heard about them outside of the music (admittedly the AIDS campaigning took off towards the end) they had a mystique (to be fair i think there are still members of John Deacon's family that havent heard him speak), they had some kind of attraction that is difficult to put in print. Bands/artists do not have this any more. Certainly not in pop music anyway. Except for Lovechild (facebook/lovechildrocks), but that's my band, you wont have heard of them coz they are too cool for all of you (reverse psychology? Moi?)

  koolkool994  |  28

I agree, I'm not going to lie, but I like Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, One Direction, lots of the new stuff! BUT, I also like Queen, Blur, Metallica, Rammstein, Daft Punk and all that stuff!
(I can't stand Taylor Swift, Justine Bieber, Kesha and Carly Rae Jepsen)

  ygdrassil  |  17

Thank you, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. To you Queen fans who think modern kids should know the music of generations past: who's your favorite big-band singer? Who's your favorite Romantic composer? And by the way, my favorite queen is Elizabeth I.

  XcuzimsotiredX  |  25

as a musician I will respect any kind of REAL music. pop used to be real music. now however, it's a computer. so yeah I'll say my music is real, because is I can play it, I will respect it. simple as that.