By ooops - 04/08/2012 16:06 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I went to have dinner with my girlfriend and her family. It got silent, so, noticing her legs were darker than they were a few hours ago, I wanted to ask her if she used tanning lotion. I ended up asking her if her legs were fake. Her dad has prosthetic legs. FML
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HerroMaylaHerro 6

Hopefully her father's sense of humour isn't fake.


HerroMaylaHerro 6

You have to be more careful with your words. And why would you ask about your girlfriends legs in front of her parents?

^This. Asking about her legs while at dinner is an odd topic to say the least. It probably should have waited until later. Still, you're not really at fault here for messing up your words a bit, we all slip every once in a while.

LMFAOwned 9

I know right, that is the most inconvenient of circumstances ever. It's almost like it's neither fyl or ydi...

OP can make up for his slip up by buying his girlfriend's dad a nice Christmas present; nothing fancy, just a stocking filler.

Braxton_84 3

One does not simply ask a person if they have fake legs at the dinner table.

You really shouldn't ask if someone fake-tans, period. It's kinda rude.

My dad has a prosthetic leg, so its hilarious when he tells my friends who don't know about it "Go ahead, kick me in the shin as hard as you can. I won't even feel it." and they get a stubbed toe.

75 - Why not? If they spend the money for it, shoudn't we be able to comment on it? I really don't see how it's so rude.

So Op doesn't know his gf's legs? That is a bit odd.

99- it would be like going up to a girl and saying, "Do you wear makeup?" I agree that fake tanning is stupid but people don't put on tanning lotion so people notice the tanning lotion- even if it sucks you should probably pretend it's normal, unless OP meant "girlfriend" as in "my female friend" and was trying to advise her on how to use tanning lotion, which I greatly doubt but if so that really should have waited until private.

screamo_cupcake 7

I hope he wasn't to offended... You didn't know they were his.

Even if the father didn't see it as offensive, that was a random dumb thing to say

I don't think that that's what OP meant. I think his girlfriend actually put tanning lotion, so OP asked his girlfriend if her legs are fake (trying to be an asshole) not thinking about her dad's prosthetic legs.

That sucks OP. I hope he wasn't mad. That's how we talk nowadays, people are fake. It wasn't your fault!

Oh that's to bad OP just say sorry to her dad in private so it's not embarrassing to him in front of everyone.

That's mean. I just can't stand reading this kind of cruelty...

I can only imagine how you react when those humane society commercials come on. In the eyeees ooof an angellll...

A7X_LoVeee 10

^ :( I always change the channel when they come on. Unfortunately I've also noticed that they last too damn long!

I don't know those commercials. And my comment was a joke, but you know, you can laugh about everything, but not with everybody...

peachyFML 17

If you mute it, it's not that sad. Most of the animals are perfectly healthy and give the same body language as my dog when she wants a belly rub.

KiddNYC1O 20

36- Lies. That wasn't a joke. You were pretty sincere.

123jimny10 4

It was a joke. He said he can't STAND it. Because of the legs.

Hopefully her father's sense of humour isn't fake.

Guys. It's not his job to amuse you. Thumb up or thumb down, just don't complain.

35 - heh heh, can't thumb down doc... Called them bastards... hehe...

Miss Kay - Saying a comment is weak isn't constructive criticism, it's just criticism. That said, I can't write winners every time. Would it matter if I said I hadn't slept in almost 60 hours and had 30 trauma patients in the past two days? No? Damn.

Wait I thought trauma is more of a separate psychological thing not a physical injury. Anyone want to help out my understanding here?

Any patient that the medics identify as a trauma (shot, stabbed, car/motorcycle accident, falls, assault, etc) are brought to my trauma bay. All the other crap goes to the main emergency department.

Huh alright neat so there have been a lot of stabbings, shootings, falling, and accidents in the last 60 hours

lorenzoman77 7

Doc, do you happen to have a degree in psychology?

pittyfinny 4

Sounds like you should have more on your mind than replying to FML. I'd hate to be the trauma patient under your care.

pittyfinny - What exactly are you implying? That I should think about my patients and only my patients 24/7? That I shouldn't have time to do anything else like, oh I don't know, get married and have a family? My time management skills are just fine, thank. I would say that I'd hate to have an idiot like you as one of my trauma patients, but I get idiots like you ALL THE TIME.

I don't get it. Her legs turning dark means her dad has prosthetics?

Her legs being dark and her dad's legs have nothing to do with each other. The point is that their dinner became awkward when op mentioned fake legs because op's girlfriend's dad was there.

Oh wow I just read that her family was there.

Reading comprehension. You can use it /outside/ the classroom, too! :)

screamo_cupcake 7
shawnaishere 14

17- you denied all of us the right of making up silly abbreviations

17 is lying. It means Orgasmic Pineapples.

BeThePanda 1

Oriental penis. Don't listen to any of this nonsense.

cradle6 13

It's actually 'Orangutan posers.' The other 'definitions' are just silly abbreviations, especially number 17's. That one was funny.

Don't worry I didn't get it for a while to but #17 is right. The other people are just being silly now you can play along with them next time you see a question like that in the comments

How do you confuse asking if she uses tanning lotion with asking if they're fake? Talk about a freudian slip.

Because tanning lotion is a form of fake tanning.

The reason OP asked was because he had prosthetic legs in his mind, and said the wrong thing.

OP never said he had prosthetic legs in mind.