Bad boy

By Anonymous - 08/01/2016 21:57 - United States - Spring Valley

Today, I woke up early to bake cinnamon rolls for a party. I came home later to find the whole tray spilled onto the floor, most of the rolls eaten, and my dog sitting happily nearby. FML
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KhaleesiDannie 26

Well at least someone was happy

FYL, that must have been awful to see. YDI to your dog when he gets fat.


KhaleesiDannie 26

Well at least someone was happy

Hope your dog doesn't get sick :/

FYL, that must have been awful to see. YDI to your dog when he gets fat.

Hey you're enough party for a group you don't need cinnamon rolls

The dog is, certainly.

Make sure you keep them well out of reach or inside the fridge next time. Really unhealthy for the poor dog!

Now you know that they tasted good.

Dogs drink out of the toilet, so i dont think thats a very good point.

Dogs drink out of toilets because of water. I've never seen a dog drink out of any toilet with #1/#2 in it.

Well my dog licks the ground, so I mean yeah, they eat whatever.

jazzybaby179 22

Darn dogs! I've had food taken from my plate when I'm not looking for a minute.. Grr

andrmac 25

You have pets you need to take precautions... We had a cat that if you left brownies to cool she would climb up and take a nap on them but was only a 1 time thing since we put them out of her reach after that.

Your cat sounds incredible.

That mental image is adorable. And I agree with the rest of the commenters. My dog won't touch anything if I'm here, but when I leave I have to put up the cats' food bowl, put a chair in front of the closet door where his food is, and make sure that anything that does or at one point had food in it is out of reach. Ask my lo mein I forgot to put away yesterday...

Atleast your cat didn't eat them if that's a plus.

GREAT PARTY!!! (for the dog)

I'd be careful of that! Cinnamon is really bad for dogs!

Actually, cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs. The ASPCA website is a great resource for checking toxicity do foods, plants, etc.

I think you're thinking of nutmeg :)