By crzyry - 23/02/2012 03:49 - Canada

Today, my four-year-old daughter called me by her mom's new boyfriend's name. Three different times. FML
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zingline89 18

At four years old, they're bound to repeat everything they hear. Especially names being loudly screamed from behind Mommy's bedroom door.


44 so...Because a toddler, who doesn't know better, made a mistake a few times, that means one has the right to take her away from her mother?

You also don't "sue" for full custody...

Well, what happens in Canada (referring to his location), stays in Canada. Well, that is until it gets on FML.

I'm sorry but if my kid didn't know my name because they clearly didn't see me enough then I would want to change that and try to get full custody of my child. It's not alway best to leave custody with the mother!

jeob1992 8

Damn that sucks man i feel bad for ya...

thiscrazything 1

Don't take it to heart, it really means nothing, it is perfectly normal for a child of that age to mix up names. It has absolutely nothing to do with how much she will always love you, her one and only father.

but you would think she would call her father dad or daddy or some variation and not Greg

daftPunKt 4

I have a feeling you were a lousy father to begin with. But who knows.

I suggest a more memorable name. Like Bones Malone, or Balls Fondleman

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

This kinda confuses me...what do you mean by 3 different times :$ and i know im stupid or whatever

I think he means she called him the same name 3 times. Not 3 separate names.

So i get downvoted because i asked a question? It wasn't a stupid question either

DontClickOnMe 28

Maybe you should try to hang out with her more.. I mean if you can. Then this might not happen.

It's hard to do that especially if you only get your child every other weekend like with my father

kids that young don't think before they talk, my little brother is constantly calling me mom and I see him all the time

teejayx7 0

Does OP mean her own new boyfriend? Haha excuse me guys i'm stupid. :0

DontClickOnMe 28

OP is a male and his daughter's mom has a new boyfriend.

nublets 12
DontClickOnMe 28

It's okay. Everyone does anyway. It's because I'm so irresistabel.

nublets 12

It must be that sixty picture you have up, have you no sham?!

Mister_Triangle 21

You guys dont good at spellng an stuff

nublets 12

The trollings mods are about.. *loads sheep*

sinking_fish 12

With that face you have there your making my jaw drop :0

36- Who are you talking about? 23 or 25? I think they're both excruciatingly attractive and unattainable.

Wow, you guys would probably give a grammar Nazi an overload...I wanna correct you, but I won't (:

I think this is what grammar Nazi hell is like.

DontClickOnMe 28

I thought I was going crazy last night because I saw a bunch of misspelled words. Then I realized that somehow they got misspelled after they were posted because I know how to spell irresistible. Oh well, now I look dumb. :(

nublets 12

Yea everyones shit was being altered so it was misspelled :/

zingline89 18

At four years old, they're bound to repeat everything they hear. Especially names being loudly screamed from behind Mommy's bedroom door.

Is you name hard to pronounce and his easy? (can't think of a hard to pronounce male name ATM, but let's say it's something most people can't pronounce) if your name was like that and his was bob, I think I might do the same thing.

So you'd call your dad by your stepdad-to-be's name because it's 'easier'? Also, you call your father by first name? Good to know.

Giantsfann7 0

Maybe she calls His mom's bf daddy

Well she is young. Maybe just have to spend more time with her.