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  scottieclark  |  4

I'm sorry but if my kid didn't know my name because they clearly didn't see me enough then I would want to change that and try to get full custody of my child. It's not alway best to leave custody with the mother!


Don't take it to heart, it really means nothing, it is perfectly normal for a child of that age to mix up names. It has absolutely nothing to do with how much she will always love you, her one and only father.

  DontClickOnMe  |  28

I thought I was going crazy last night because I saw a bunch of misspelled words. Then I realized that somehow they got misspelled after they were posted because I know how to spell irresistible. Oh well, now I look dumb. :(

By  Jkolbly  |  11

Is you name hard to pronounce and his easy? (can't think of a hard to pronounce male name ATM, but let's say it's something most people can't pronounce) if your name was like that and his was bob, I think I might do the same thing.