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Today, I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. I texted her and I would never talk to her again. But I accidentally sent it to my other best friend, who responded, "I'm so sorry, I never meant for you to find out". My two best friends cheated with my boyfriend. FML
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because she has a "best friend"

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I'm in college and pretty much everyone I know still talks about their best friends...and they only annoyingly shorten it to "besties" occasionally.

She has two best friends, both sleeping with her boyfriend, and she texts them if they have an issue...this is definitly the high school mentality.

well some girls are dumb and never get rid of that high school mentality

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Females are actually the smartest creature in the animal kingdom, except the the Homosapien females, they are emotionally retarded.

109 - No, not all of us are. I can make a blanket statement too! Watch! "No man is good in bed naturally. You need to teach them, or else they will fail." Did you write "the the" on purpose, by the way? Or, are you simply retarded?

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This exact FML was on a couple days ago.

You know, 113, by just replying to that, you're proving the fact that you're EMOTIONALLY retarded.

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Or she's standing up for those females who aren't emotionally retarded? OP, seriously? Obviously they aren't your best friends, so get over it, move on, and have a little more self respect when choosing who you're going to surround yourself with.

119 - 120 is correct. I'm not bawling my eyes out because he thinks we're all inept. I'm simply telling you (and him, for that matter) that we're not all like that and to stop making assumptions. I'm sure you wouldn't like blanket assumptions being made about males, now would you?

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haha yes! When I read this FML I was thinking, wait... I just read something familiar.

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yeah so your saying the fact that she is in "highschool" lessens the fact that she got cheated on with her 2 best friends. like that would only matter if she were an adult or something ??

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good idea! ure xbfz a ***** u did it 4 being with him, im pretty sure he dudnt treat u well

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and no chick can suck a dick.. she needs to be taught.. get a job lady, or do you not have anything better to do than post your grammar Nazi self righteous bull on every other FML post?

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smorkmo, who the hell was that directed to? No one has corrected anyone else on this thread.

Yeah #122 take ur feminist bs somewhere else

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o and your profile says you were born in '91 djeepee so WTF you just got out of hishschool lmao stop acting so mature when your clearly not !!

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First off, stop hating on 5t3ff1k4h. She makes a perfectly valid point that has nothing to do with feminism. She could say the same about all white people, all black people, all doctors, all college students, etc. Blanket statements are made by ignorant people. You all get pretty offended when people say "men are dirty cheaters" on the cheating statuses, don't you? Second, stop hating on DJeePee for two reasons. One, you don't know if he just got out of high school just by looking at his age. I was born in 1990, but I graduated in '07. Heck, he might have started late or been held back and hasn't graduated yet. Also, that goes again under blanket assumptions. Not all high school kids are immature. Some of us choose to not behave like our peers.

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I have heard plenty of male blanket statements in my short life, they don't affect me. it's just more on the amusing side. both genders have had bad fuckups through generations. so I just shrug and dont spend time worrying about it. I know I dont fit most of the assumptions. I lol to this and pay little attention to it when it pops up infront of me.

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She may be in HS still, or young, but regardless of age, that hurts, being deceived by 3 people you thought you could trust. Obviously, he is a user. It's easy to say, "Don't let it get you down," but not so easy to do. I'm sorry, girl, that is awful! You'll be alright though! Now, you should just text that to all of your friends and see how many he was REALLY sleeping with ;) JK. Don't do that. That would be psychotic.

Hey at least....I got nothing. FYL

what do the Brits have to do with it?? the commentator is from singapore. sucks for you op, but they weren't friends or a bf anyway

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At least not that she knows of...

FFS, what is so difficult to get about Americans?! They are people just like everyone else and, just like in any other country, there are all kinds. Why are there always stupid generalisations on here? Not one person in Singapore would be upset in this situation? Why would you assume any OP represents every person in the United States? Bloody hell, it's tiresome reading this tripe. I think I need to go to bed.

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HxCxBassist, you know the relationship status of everyone in New Jersey do you? How exactly do you determine where a relationship will go to based on geogrophics?

12, I really don't understand what you are saying here. What about 2 and 5 and Americans? Am I the only one who thinks this is gibberish?

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In New Jersey? WTF? Have you even stepped outside your own town? NJ, regardless of how small the state is, has all different types of characters. There are plenty of cheaters in New Jersey. I know I live here.

while were on the subject of incorrect grammar on this fml. shouldn't it be "that" instead of "and" about talking to her friend again?

that really sucks. you have some shitty "best friends", but now you know who your real friends are

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I hate when you think you have best friends and they all end up being ***** that open they're legs to the ones you love.

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Real friends = the ones who haven't messed around with OP's boyfriend.

I believe they deserve a good old Donkey punch!

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let's put blame where its due your BOYFRIEND! what a piece of shit.

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The girls were her best friends, they knew he wasn't single so they're just as much to blame.

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her best friends deserve part of the blame.

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they're both or all three wrong. but like the saying goes boyfriends come and go but friends last forever... her 'best' friends are wayyyyy more wrong. F them!

bullshit not his fault her best friends faults

115, they were all at fault. The "'best friends" must have known OP was going out with him, and OP's "boyfriend" should have broken up with her if he wanted someone else instead of cheating on her.