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By mommy - 18/04/2014 02:31 - United States - North Andover

Today, my ex-husband came to pick up our two kids for his weekend with them. Seeing his new girlfriend was in the car, and desperate for conversation, I asked her name. My kids unhesitatingly blurted out, "Mom". FML
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buttcramp 21

Damn, OP. This really sucks! That's not cool that your ex and his girlfriend are having the kids call her that especially if their relationship is still so new.

Youch! I'm sorry... At least they're taking the divorce well. Because the main focus NOW should be on the children's well being... but stillll! FYL


Please elaborate, otherwise is this just a rushed attempt to be first?

There's nothing like first-commenter's glory.

Perhaps #1 is the said girlfriend from the FML.

cheshireau 26

Why? The first commenter was obviously sympathising with OP for the fact that this 'new' girlfriend of her ex-husband is already being called 'Mom'. Why is that hard for your to comprehend?

Because obviously #10 wanted to be first! notice he/she didn't write anything sympathetic?

Someone please explain to me what #1 meant..

Originally it said "OMG I"m so sorry" now Just... I don't even know!

Mods? kinda new to the site what do you mean?

56, the Moderators publish FMLs, write blogs, etc., but they are known for moderating comments into much funnier ones. Like how Alan will probably change this comment before you can **** it.

You can get away with anything as first commenter.

Honestly that was probably extremely heartbreaking to hear as the childrens real mother. To raise them their whole life, and then for them to call another women mom? I know my mom would be really upset. I love my step mom but i couldnt call her "mom".

It could be that her ex told the kids that this is her name, if the kids are very young they most likely believed it...

Maybe the woman has children that call her mum so they all do?

There are like four-five ladies I call mom, because they've all been there as mother figures since I was a young child. My mom has never been offended by this, because she understands it's not an insult to her, it's a compliment to them

I never call my Step-Dad dad, but if I see my real dad, I won't accept him at all. I have my reasons, but it would hurt him

flame5768 14

that sounds kinda sick. look at all the comments below. honestly maybe op misused the word new. they could been getting married. it's common to call the main female figures in your life mom.

lexiieeex3 32
buttcramp 21

Damn, OP. This really sucks! That's not cool that your ex and his girlfriend are having the kids call her that especially if their relationship is still so new.

That's not okay. OP, you need to sit down and speak with your children AND your ex about that.

My dad's fiancée keeps calling me and my little sister HER kids and spreads rumors about my mom being a *****. We are still beyond pissed. OP, don't let your ex's new wife call your children hers. Tell her who the real momma is and put her in her rightful place!

Youch! I'm sorry... At least they're taking the divorce well. Because the main focus NOW should be on the children's well being... but stillll! FYL

It seems like your kids know more about her than they know about you.

tayymeds 23

And you got that from this FML how?

Well #14 they have to be pretty in tuned with this girlfriend or they wouldn't call her mom

#17 Unless they were instructed to by dad.

@23 When do kids ever do what they're told? ESPECIALLY about something like this. Chances are very high they're calling her Mom by choice, or because the OP is acting 'unMomlike' towards them and they're pissed. I also have to wonder how 'new' is new. I've known a lot of couples where an ex will act like a new spouse is an interloper even if they've been together for a LONG time.

#25 I was instructed to call my step father "Dad" by my mother even though I really didn't want to. Kids will do what they're told if they have strict parents because they fear getting disciplined

@40 Sure, they're more likely to do it 'on demand' if they're going to be punished otherwise, but if the threatening parent isn't within hearing range is it likely they'd answer without any sort of hesitation with the 'expected' moniker?

Damn, 41. Some kids actually respect their parents, you know. Not every single kid in the history of forever is unruly.

I'm aware of that, but when it comes to things like, "You must call this woman I have just started dating Mom," etc, it seems unlikely they would call her Mom WITHOUT HESITATION to their own mother if it's something they're being forced to do. I could see them saying, "Oh... that's uh... that's Mom..." if their father/the girlfriend insist on the moniker, or just saying, "That's dad's new girlfriend," if the father/girlfriend aren't in earshot. Well raised kids do do as they're told the majority of the time, but it's very difficult to make them do it all the time, especially when it comes to things like this, is all I'm saying.

@60, It's been a well-known issue that kids and even adults follow what authorities tell them to do no matter how strange or unethical it seems as seen in the Milgram experiment. In this situation though if the father did tell them to call his girlfriend "Mom," the kids are either placing their trust in their father and obeying what he tells them to do or they're being reinforced in some way to do it. It's not as unlikely as you make it seem.

Honestly it sounds to me like the children are young and it was a mistake. Children can get confused during break ups and it is possible for people to accidentally be called something else - how many people have called their teacher 'mum' by accident? If the kids really are calling the new girlfriend mum though, FYL OP... That's not a good feeling

60-- it really depends on how old the kids are. Young kids (8 or younger) tend to be very desperate and eager to please adults and parents-- hence the need to teach young children things like 'stranger danger'. It's also possible the girlfriend asked them to call her mom.

My child has been told by his dad to call every girlfriend mom. There have been at least ten different 'moms' he has been around. He is 8 now, so he doesn't do it, but before he felt he had to or he would be punished.

First of all: what??? And second: wow, bitchy much?

They could of been bribed to call her mom, some people do that.

When I was young, and my parents divorced, I refused to ever call my step-mother mum, although I love her to bits. Sometimes if a child is young they may call adults mum and dad. Hell, I have called my teachers Mum! Or maybe it was a mistake :)

strawberrywine22 30

It's not true at all. She's not even their step mother. She's the dad's new girlfriend and nothing more!

are you implying he cheated on the op and had two kids? 0.o

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#35- I think OP would know if SHE had children... Lol...

Got a point there... just kind of a strange comment though obviously no one picked up on the sarcasm

strawberrywine22 30

You really need to put a stop to that. it's understandable for kids to call their step mother Mom, but not "Dad's new girlfriend."