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By  abbyade  |  21

Time to tell him to get a grip. It isn't fair on you not your daughter. How will he like it if you introduced your daughter to various men and saying 'this your new daddy?'

By  crudeandrudeguy  |  29

Nothing like a stable home environment for your child, a parade of bimbos should give her something to aspire to. Poor girl. I bet she's wondering why all of her "new mommies" look like they just graduated high school.

  Mpii  |  11

That's so rude and very probably wrong. I can see, why you'd think the dad was a douche, but why would you call the women bimbos. You shouldn't have such a mean mindset.

By  Alup132  |  22

You might want to talk to someone about that. Even if he's my trying to steal your daughter without custody, he shouldn't be saying that to your daughter, or explain that it's just a step-mother and not her real mother.

  swenny_xoxo  |  18

I totally agree. My older sister has a different dad than my other siblings and me and my dad had to wait a certain amount of time so they were sure the relationship was going to work before he was allowed to meet her.

By  abbyade  |  21

Time to tell him to get a grip. It isn't fair on you not your daughter. How will he like it if you introduced your daughter to various men and saying 'this your new daddy?'

By  rockeditionbarbi  |  14

Someone needs to have a word with the guy. That's not fair on your daughter, or the women he's dating especially if especially trying to force the "mommy" role onto them so
quickly. She doesn't even need a new mother, she has you! This is also unfair on you too.

By  heirofhope  |  38

If you're raising her and giving her love, you're her mother. Period. My guess is that even your daughter is aware of this- I know when I was a child I would have never willingly called anyone "mom" or "dad" if I didn't love or trust them. However, I would still suggest telling your ex-husband to cut the crap. He can certainly call her your daughter's "new step-mommy", but he can't just act as if your title ceased to be valid after you divorced. If he's that cocky, I don't expect he'd listen, but it's worth saying anyway.

  Rababco  |  29

Children will sometimes refer both their biological parents and step-parents as their parents and love both of them. I had a friend when I was younger who referred to her biological as "dad" and her step-dad as "father". That said, it's not fair to introduce each new boyfriend or girlfriend as a "new daddy" or "new mommy" because it's not fair on the child to attach themselves to boyfriend or girlfriend and think of them as another parent just to lose them when their parent and him/her break-up. This shouldn't even brought up unless they are planning to get married. It's also important to emphasize that the boyfriend/girlfriend isn't replacing their biological parent.

By  Tripartita  |  44

At this point, I'd probably forgo the "new mommy" explanation in favor of something more Whovian.

"Remember Trisha, honey?"

"Yeah, dad."

"Well, to escape death, she regenerated. We also call her Kate now."

By  born_hustla  |  26

That's just ridiculous and stupid on his part. No such thing as "new mommy" or "new daddy". It's true that there are things that a kid cannot understand which is why adults are forced to lie. But I think separated parents should simply introduce their dates by their names or as friends until the vulnerable kid can understand...and have certain rules such as what the kid should be exposed to. May sound complicated but once both parties assumed their responsibilities and set boundaries that are respected, I think it should be ok. Just my opinion.