By my name is sarah - 21/01/2016 03:48 - United States - Midland

Today, my mom called me by her favorite TV show character's name. Again. This is the eighth time this week. I'm an only child, and I'm 15. I thought she had my name down pat by now. FML
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Am I the only one wondering who's her favorite character?

Start doing it back to her!


Start doing it back to her!

Lol, my mom mixes up my dog's and sister's names sometimes...

Question her motives. Maybe it's a subtle hint to something?

yeah she's up to no good for sure

snarkytruth 37

She's just distracted. She knows your name Michawn er I mean Carol or is it Beth?

snarkytruth 37

Walking Dead reference.

It's ok, my mom calls me a crap load of different names. For example, my aunt's, my ***male**** dog's, and many others.

She was immersed in that tv show too deep!

My mom mixes my and my aunt's names constantly with eachother.

snarkytruth 37

She's just distracted don't take it personally Michawn er, I mean Carol or is it Beth?

did you think this comment was so funny, it needed to be said twice?

Her name is Sarah.

snarkytruth 37

No my computer froze and didn't show the comment for a while so I resubmitted it. Believe me as soon as they both showed up I kept trying to delete the second one but the ap won't let me. It's just one of those days that even a Walking Dead reference can't salvage. : /

My mom calls me my sister and my dad's name before she gets to me

Don't answer her when she calls you by that name

but you're such a Samantha!