By Ashamed - 20/04/2012 07:34 - United States - Somerville

Today, I blurted out something like "humdidumdum erm lalala" in public, attracting mystified stares. The thing is, I do this every time I remember something embarrassing I've said or done in the past, in an attempt to erase it out of my consciousness. So it happens a lot. FML
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perdix 29

Is that by Skrillex? So, you do an embarrassing thing in the present to erase embarrassing things from your past? Looks like you've set up an infinite loop.

Dafuq? I'm sorry, just try and train yourself to forget those embarrassments and do it in private. In your house, or your room. Good luck OP!


Haha..Just don't think about the things in public..Or just act crazy.

You can't always control your thoughts, and if you try not to think about something, you're still thinking about it.

Reminds me of that kid with Tourette's in South Park who wigs out and makes random noises.

Sounds kinda like Tourette's syndrome

25) I think the person you are talking about is called tweek.

katcot99 11

I don't think he can control his thoughts, smh.

1: by the looks of all the thumbs down, you ain't that lucky... And poor op, it's just a vicious cycle, eh? Maybe break the habit, although it sounds easier said than done... I suggest a shudder and a shrug instead of your humming and stuff...

user324234324 1

25- Tweak is just always hyped on caffeine. The kid in the Tourette's episode is some redhead. I laugh everytime I hear that noise

106- tweak isn't always hyped up on caffein... He has add. Caffein calms his nerves.

LittleGreenPaola 23

It happens to me too, but I usually whistle a little, just like a little music, or I say "****" in a low voice, or "LOL" your "humdidumdum lalala" sound kinda weird, but I'm sure you are one of those clumsy but funny guys XD

labudamike 6

It from an eminem song I think music box

Marcella1016 31

That's funny I do something similar! Except I don't say humdedumlalala or whatever I kind of just scrunch up my face and groan a little. You should try that. I think we all hate embarrassing moments...and some of us have way more than others lol

106) what red haired kid? the only one with red hair is Kyle and he doesn't have Tourette .

twisted_cherub 14

204- The red-haired kid with Tourette Syndrome is not a regular on the show. He was in the toy store at the beginning of the episode where Cartman pretends to have Tourettes so he can curse without getting into trouble.

Dafuq? I'm sorry, just try and train yourself to forget those embarrassments and do it in private. In your house, or your room. Good luck OP!

Hehe, easier said than done, I guess he would probably be embarrassed in public about that than his original thoughts ^^"

Birdie_Sage 0

Just imagine that your embarrassing moments had happened differently in your way.

Actually, it's almost like you can't control it. I find myself doing it to and find it funny that I'm not the only one:D Except, I just chuckle a little to get that funny feeling out:P

Dafuq did I just read?

Train yourself to forget? That would be thinking about it, and would be contradicting your goal. Don't think about it and it's forgotten, somewhat.

Omg, this happens to me all the time... I thought I was the only one. Lol. Glad I'm really not alone though.

YDI for being crazy.

105 - Crazy is the new craze

Train yourself to forget. Learn to occupy your thoughts so it's not on your mind, not really very contradicting..?

cajekraze 7

Anyone who hasn't done this in some fashion, quietly or aloud, is either too young or too sheltered. I catch myself trying to explain, justify, or correct my memories out loud. It just means you've had a good ride

If you don't blurt out random things in public you are sheltered? Fail logic is fail.

I know how you feel OP, when I remember something really embarrassing, I flinch a little. It is difficult to hide, but I I'm getting better at concealing it.

You're too sheltered if you can't control the desire to start randomly spewing shit about your memories? That makes sense, I wonder why I didn't think of it.

All I'm saying, is when I think of something embarrassing, I don't have an uncontrollable urge. Most people don't, if he wants a shot at being able to stop, I'd bet his only choice is self control. As embarrassing as it may be, it's your private thought, no one else knows what you're thinking about, so no need to be embarrassed. The past is the past, I started living by that phrase, and life got a whole lot less stressful.

troubledkitty 3

Why do you do this?!?!?

Jakesterk96 8

That shit cray.

It says why he does it in the FML. Maybe you should read it properly instead of rushing for 'firsties'.

22 - that shit stupid

I think 3 was wondering why he says "Humdidum erm lalala" instead of just... shaking his head or something. Why that particular combination of syllables?

julialinn 2

OP explained why he does it. I do the same thing, too. Except I cringe and shake my head, not hum.

rttr 18

I make a sad face. Thing is, this only happens to me at night. So, since no can see, I have to do other things to look wierd.

Yeah I do that too...

It's a continuous cycle, when you hum and people stare at you it's embarrassing ad then you remember that moment again and hum again. A perpetual cycle of embarrassment.

Yeah, I do the same thing but in a different way... I just shake my head a little and do my own delete or suppress thought mantra lol... Check it out OP! It might help in public situations. But no worries, you're not the only one who does it and it feels good to know I'm not the only one lol.. In the end, f_ck what others might think of that... Most likely you'll never see them again ;-) HAPPY HOLIDAY 4/20 lol

Wow! I'm glad that I now know that I am not the only one who does something like this!

I actually do that too, except I just blurt out stuff like, "I want to sleep" to distract my thoughts and I make sure to do it only at home. You'd do it too if you were as awkward as I was when I was younger >_>.

I always say TTTTTT to myself

I just say something like, "Ouch!"

I feel your pain, OP. When I remember something embarrassing, funny , strange, etc., I smile extremely wide while looking down, which arouses many funny looks. For example, tomorrow when I'll remember your FML in class.

katcot99 11

Your face is weird, badum tsstt

Your whole body is weird...

katcot99 11


66 - Just out of curiosity are you holding a vibrator or ***** in your hand? o.O

66 - I would also like to know this.

katcot99 11

It's called headphones and a

... Phones vibrate... Just saying

katcot99 11

Good observation.^

54 - I agree lol

mizuki123 8

Haha try not to be loud then?

leogirl95 12

Haha, this fml made me laugh!

cyK0tek 0

^Thread-jack much?

Soooo when you remember this happening are you gonna say Humdidumdum erm lalala

KriiFahMoro 9

Vicious cycle of embarassment.

perdix 29

Is that by Skrillex? So, you do an embarrassing thing in the present to erase embarrassing things from your past? Looks like you've set up an infinite loop.

when will the madness end!?!?

perdix 29

December 21, 2012. We got about 8 months to comment and have the madness until the Mayan calendar ends and Earth disappears.

lololololol ^ if that will even happen .

Michael_92 20

Yea, I heard thee Earth was planning on blowing up by then. Seriously it snowed up here the other week, was 90 out a month ago. Weird I tell ya...weird.

Perdix- If it was skrillex it would have been "wubwubwub" *screech*

you_failed 15

#44, according to the day I posted my comment, the apocalypse the Mayans predicted failed!

What inception? So this is what you call inception? genius

p3mguin 7

That's funny but in our corrupt social system this would be a crazy lunatic. Sorry op just try to do that at home. ;)