By Anonymous - United States
Today, wanting to be romantic, I came home with flowers, and told my girlfriend I love her and that I never want us to fall apart. Before I could finish my second sentence, she farted, said, "Aww, that's so sweet" and quickly excused herself to the bathroom. FML
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By  boredSOLDIER  |  33

get another female

  bsmith9942  |  11

This should really be the girlfriends FML. OP should have called to see if she was busy and she would have probably informed him she was feeling sick.

  B3Y0ND  |  3

142- I've noticed that you always seem to take the girlfriend's side, even if she is most definitely in the wrong... That's not cool, man.

  hardimanc  |  1

Sometimes girls cant and won't be your god damn buttercups and rainbows. They sweat, fart, eat what they'll please, workout, lift weights, and take shits sometimes.

By  aro2471  |  0

either she doesnt care or shes hiding something

  bsmith9942  |  11

Yes, whenever I'm hiding something, I fart. That always makes the moment less awkward. >.> I would be willing to be she was feeling sick and he just happened to walk in at that time.