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  bouncydino29  |  5

I've seen many people on bath salts from working at the hospital. They usually want to kill themselves or others because they become crazy paranoid. I even saw one guy try to strangle his own mom.


Well there is a disease called body dismorphic disorder.. (BDD for short I think(: )
But yeah, that's sort or like anorexia where you see yourself differently. I doubt your daughter has it but some people with BDD have chopped off limbs because they think it shouldn't be there. She could have thought there was something wrongs with her face. Their was a lady who kept on plucking and waxing her eyebrow which damaged them so much they stopped growing back.... Haha I'm sure your daughter is fine. At least the doctors can diagnose her properly, if she actually has a disease XD .or if she's just not the .. Brightest of people. :3 to put it nicely.

  syley  |  5

11) you are correct, it's called meth mites and people have killed themselves from trying to "remove" the imaginary bugs from under their skin.

  mduffy08  |  8

95 - You're only wrong about the "virus" thing. A bunch of sites across the Internet were trying to hype the idea that people were being infected by a virus that made you a zombie. Those people were absolutely wrong, because they were saying certain cases happened in days when in actuality they were years apart. Essentially they were all mislead bull shit reports just trying to scare people.
Aside by that, absolutely correct on the lab results. The man (Eugene) was found with only marijuana in his system, and they deemed him either with a psychological disorder, or a drug that the labs were unable to pick up. Either way, marijuana did not help him at all.

  SuckMyJunk  |  6

What has her IQ have any thing to do with it? Or all the meth comments! Your all a bunch of idiots! The poor kid obviously hates herself and is that self conscious / stressed that she just wanted them to go away! Its a clear cry for help with her low confidence! FYL to all who commented in this way!


You're right, she might need help... But remember that she's 13. OP should find out if she's bullied. It's entirely possible that they mess with her over having lots of freckles & in a desperate move, she tried to get rid of them. It's very disturbing, but many young teenagers take drastic measures to be accepted or just not made fun of.

  echoes185  |  9

Back when my sister was talking about how my legs were kinda hairy it made me get to the point where I shaved them because I thought it was how it should look. Even though I regret it I, still went through the actions of trying to change my appearance, which could be the reason why she kept on scratching; probably teased by a couple of friends.

  Rickilynn1  |  10

or she was just upset that someone was making fun of her for having freckles.. its the same thing that happens when some teens cut, they get so upset they dont realize what theyre doing. true story.

  Comet_Candy  |  23

When I was younger, I hated my freckles. I thought they were really ugly... They made my skin look blotchy and unpleasant. I think they're cute now, but they've pretty much faded away by this point.

  Plante12  |  8

Kids can be cruel , sadly and most of the time it's never reported because the child is afraid of repercussion . Hope she realizes she a beautiful individual.

By  XxskyelovexX  |  13

If she hated her freckles to the point of harming herself you should have given her makeup or something so she wouldn't have hurt herself. I'm sure she is very pretty (I love freckles) but if shes going to harm herself, let her cover them up

  doodlecloud  |  26

Whilst make up may be a good coping mechanism to prevent injury for now, she reall needs to learn to be happy with herself. She can't, and shouldn't have to, hide all her life.

  desertrose415  |  8

Well obviously her looks bother her enough now that she has taken these drastic measures. She was probably bullied about it. I was bullied about my very thick eyebrows; one day I got rid of them completely. Bullying just pushes people over the edge sometime. Make-up in this case would help her cope, perhaps, while she works on building up confidence (or at least on getting away from the horrible people that did this to her.