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By minnie - 23/10/2019 04:00 - Australia

Today, my fiancée suggested a 'Back To The Future' - themed wedding. FML
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LostSoul 19

Oh no he suggested something! Now the wedding is ruined. If only there was such a thing as discussing ideas and finding something both parties can agree to.


LostSoul 19

If this seems like an FML why the hell are you getting married? I mean I get not having everything in common but jumping to "oh my life is ruined and so horrible" because they suggested a theme seems overkill.

mooshake 15

But OP didn’t say their life was horrible and ruined...

Uhm what do you think FML means? It's not "Oh noes I stubbed my toe" It's "Oh my god this actively made my life worse just by happening!" It's a moment that makes your life shitty. Someone making a harmless suggestion that you can easily say no to or even compromise on isn't anywhere near an FML.

mooshake 15

Yes, but people also post “fml” about things they find funny. It’s not always used in the literal sense. People also write fml about things they find mildly annoying. It’s a part of the FML site so it has to be there, they might have just wanted to share their story it doesn’t mean they feel it totally F* their life up.

Mooshake is right, FML has always been about funny stories that screw with your day, ever since 2009. It's not about death and ruined lives, it's about funny little things that make you go "Oh ****. My. Life." If you want really shitty stories, watch the news, there's loads of nasty stuff on there. FML deals in funny, bittersweet stuff we can all empathise with! Read our FAQ:

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Hey, as long as the future doesn’t see a divorce, I’d roll with it! The best wedding I’ve ever been a part of was a Halloween wedding where everyone was asked to come in costume and the couple had a handfasting ceremony. That reception party kicked ass!

Oh no he suggested something! Now the wedding is ruined. If only there was such a thing as discussing ideas and finding something both parties can agree to.

No! Don't say the magic word! Oh no, It's coming anyways! COMMUNICATION! OP, it's just an idea and they probably saw some cool idea to spark the interest. Why not have a few knick knacks of what he likes, because honestly, my husband didn't give a shit what I chose for ours as long as it was nice. If my husband wanted something themed and I didn't, I'd come to the middle with him, or go all the way! Why not! Enjoy your day for yourselves, its not for other people!

Sounds like it's "Back to the Tinder" for you. Next!

mccuish 25
Mathalamus 24

That seems like a great idea. Quit complaining.

Mungolikecandy 19

50's dresses and clothing is not a bad way to go for a wedding. Also, he suggested it. He had not set it up already. There is such a thing as discussing matters.

Add '80-themed clothes for the guests and retrofuturistic clothes for the best men, plus a DeLorean as the car and you've got yourself a great wedding party! Don't forget to reserve the school auditorium and the Dixie band. You could even add some cowboys and 1850-style ladies to the mix!

And you’ll have great music for the danse!