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Today, I was fired from my job because a recruiter advised me to lie on my application. I wasn't stupid enough to actually lie, but management didn't care and fired us both. FML
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Hey, guys. OP here. The situation is actually a bit more complicated than I made it out to be initially, but the FML is pretty much the gist. I can't go into too many details but here's what basically happened. I had actually asked for resume advice by someone who already worked at the company I was applying to. Let's call this person Mat. This person gave actual solid advice right up until he told me to make up work experience. I didn't do that, obviously, but I listed all prior relevant work experience, which included a company that had since gone out of business. Everything was fine until about a couple of weeks later when I was fired over the weekend. I later found out that Mat had also been fired. It was implied that I wasn't the only employee implicated in his shenanigans. I tried going to HR to clear my name, but everyone just wanted the whole debacle over and done with. I'm also pretty sure my life would've been very difficult had I decided to pursue legal action. I just happened to get caught up in company politics, that's all. Not much I can do about it now.

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Sounds like a shitty place to work anyway.

Management wanted you to lie to show you are a “team player,” and the recruiter got fired because he wasn’t able to motivate you to get on board with the team. Either that or you’re lying about all of this!


If you did not lie, I do not understand why they fired you. Tough luck!

Well of course even if OP lied, they would say they didn't. The company has no verifiable proof that OP did not lie, so the natural assumption would be that OP did lie as per the suggestion by the recruiter.

I guess it depends if it's a question with an answer that can be verified. If so, then you wouldn't have liked working there anyway. If not, then it's more understandable

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See? Because you didn't lie you got both yourself and the recruiter fired..

Management wanted you to lie to show you are a “team player,” and the recruiter got fired because he wasn’t able to motivate you to get on board with the team. Either that or you’re lying about all of this!

Sounds like a shitty place to work anyway.

You got fired for merely hearing bad advice, though you didn't act on it? Wow. Seems like you could sue or at least get Unemployment. I know some employers are "zero tolerance" in some pretty nonsensical ways. My favorite story from my work was a dude punched someone (mistaken identity) and the victim, who never fought back at all, was tired too under the "zero tolerance for fighting" rule because apparently being punched= being in a fight, technically. So I do believe OP may have fallen victim to a similar situation, like technically by being (albeit passively) involved in the conversation they were part of the recruiter's "conspiracy to commit fraud" or whatever the bosses named the infraction.

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That is terrible OP. I hope you can approach HR or something. I was once fired for receiving an email from co-workers who were being catty about a supervisor. I emailed them back saying to leave me out of this, I just want to get my work done and go home. Well. I did go home. Jobless. The recruitment agency monitored our emails and regardless of the fact that I asked to be left out of the conversation, I was still fired. For receiving an email I wanted no part of.

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This makes about as much sense as dipping your balls in batter, then dipping them in hot oil. That's right, it doesn't.

Hey! They said that’s what the porn actors do to get the scrotal texture the gals seem to love! I realize “they” were pulling my ... um ... leg. I can’t even look at hush puppies anymore;(

So were you hired and then fired or did you just not get the job and the recruiter got fired?

I had a job counselor pull that, then had the gall to tell my mother(was/am living at home because job market sucks) that I was, and I quote, "too honest," after I refused to continue the application process. Only reason my mother didn't slap her was that this was over the phone.

You lied about lying, eh?