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By UuuuUUUUhhgghghghGHh - 09/02/2013 17:21 - Kenya

Today, the office coffee machine was relocated next to my desk. My co-worker insists on making several cups of the stuff per day, but instead of drinking it, he stands next to me, audibly swishes it through his teeth, gargles, and drools it back into the cup. I retch every single time. FML
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That guy is an asshole.

Unplug it, move it next to his desk and do the same thing and see how he likes it.


That guy is an asshole.

Not just any kind of asshole either. He's an attention seeking obnoxious asshole.

A disgusting attention seeking obnoxious asshole.

An inconsiderate disgusting obnoxious attention seeking asshole.

An inconsiderate, incredibly rude, obnoxious attention-seeking asshole.

Or to put it simply, that guy is a cunt

Unplug it, move it next to his desk and do the same thing and see how he likes it.

he would probably like the attention. it seems thats what he is going for. immaturity makes people do anything for any kind attention.

I'd move it there but NOT do the same thing. Maturity ftw.

put something in the coffee for him to have with it...

Salt is always a winner

Laxatives, salt, cyanide...?

What if he/she tastes the difference and spits it out on OP?

Ewww, I got the heebie jeebies reading this!

Well you have now conditioned yourself to retch. He probably does it because it grosses you out. What a jerk.

Is it really conditioning if she retches because it's gross? I mean OP didnt state she retches every time she sees coffee..

Tell him you peed in the coffee, but don't actually do it. You're not a vile, disgusting animal, are you? Then sit back and watch as the retching is his, and victory is yours.

Unless he's into that sort of thing.

*swish, swish* "Hey Jeff, I pissed in that coffee." "Oh, did you now?" *swish, swish*..

That guy's a sicko!!

Why in the world would he do that? Does he enjoy the lingering taste of stale coffee in his mouth or does he just envy yellow chompers?

Probably a good time to start writing your name on your cup, better safe than sorry.