By whitedevil - 09/10/2009 07:09 - United States

Today, I was stuck in traffic on the highway and decided it was the perfect time to pick a humongous booger out of my nose. While carefully examing and admiring it, I failed to notice that the owner of my company was staring at me from the left lane in complete and utter revulsion. FML
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anniemeece 23

Why the hell would you be "examining and admiring it"? That's just disgusting!

Being in your car alone =/= invisibility.


missmollylynn 0

this is so fake.

this made me wanna pick me nose

so i did. And Today, anti-fuck er i mean flood made me angry. grr FML

boogers are funny

anniemeece 23

Why the hell would you be "examining and admiring it"? That's just disgusting!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Because the nose picking in the first place isn't disgusting as it is.

Don't act like you've never done it before.

i take a few moments to admire mine too. sprcially the big random colored ones

Maybe he stuck it back in his nose so he could admire it later.


FYL indeed. You just found out you're a psycho, and need help, NOW

Sick. YDI for "examining and admiring" it. I mean come on WTF...

mj2123 0


He probably thought you were going to hog that beauty all to yourself.

lmao haha your funny

DirtyDiana_fml 0

If you would of said "Right after I ate it, i noticed the owner of my company staring in complete revulsion." I would've lol'd

You're a peon. The owner doesn't know you, much less know you work for him. Shoulda flicked it on his car and laughed in his face.

Maybe the company is rather small, and the owner knows who his employees are.

I already said the Co owner doesn't know him.