By rinakitty94 - 29/06/2015 17:30 - United States - Sunset

Today, my fiancé heard I was having a rotten day at work. He stopped by the flower shop and bought me a lovely rose which I put right next to my work station. That is until a giant wasp flew out and stung me. I still have a swollen arm hours later. FML
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At least you have a caring husband. It's the thought that counts! ^^

Tell that wasp to bee nice to you next time.


Lucky husband but we're did the wasp sting u?

Since OP's arm are swollen, i'm guessing the pinkie toe. Seriously dude, read the FML before commenting.

whatthefuckusername 13

and please, go to school learn some grammar.

Lol sorry I use and iPhone and I meant where stupid autocorrect put it to we're, lol

And I was trying to make a pun, I failed obviously

dantee2005 33

There is nothing wrong he did. Why would you assume he is at fault?

PePziNL 20

Because he is secretly an evil scientist who wants to take over the world by letting everyone in the world get stung by wasps. Starting with his own wife. Mwuhahahhahah.

At day he's just your regular wasp professor, but at night he's DOCTOR BEEES!

Why is this comment have so many negative votes? Someone else just posted the same thing and got top comment.

I think what 3 was trying to say is something along the lines of it being unfortunate that the wasp stung her but at least he cares enough to do something like that on a bad day for her; as there was no possible way it was his fault unless he really is an evil scientist. 3 very well could be a dolt and I could be wrong but I'm hoping that's what she meant...

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Why y'all disliking her comment, but when ol girl said the same thing and got top comment?

Lol I sometimes think that FML's stupid.

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Wow- at least he cares though :P

At least you have a caring husband. It's the thought that counts! ^^

Yeah, I meant to type you'll** but it was too late to change the typo when I realized. x__x

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At least it was a nice thought

juststephhere 23

That's actually so sweet! Sorry about your arm though!

Still a super sweet gesture, you've found a good one!