By lyinginbed - 04/06/2016 19:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I was walking through a field with my boyfriend and he picked me some pretty flowers. I hugged him and leant in to sniff them. In doing so, I inhaled a bee up my nose and had to force it out my swollen nostril after it had stung me. FML
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Love is in the air. Better get out the Benedryl.


Be careful, I don't think bees smell very good.

Cute boyfriend, it seems like something from a movie (except for the bee part, hope you feel better soon)

Youngbuck94 4

seems like something you might find on a rom-com.

Bee: "Today, I, a humble worker bee, was pollinating and shit when some douchenozzle pulls out the flower I'm pollinating and some chick sniffs me right up her nostril. I'm covered in mucus and cant see a thing and I accidentally bump my stinger into something... FML"

Oh god. That's like my worst nightmare haha