By unwanted - 26/11/2014 18:13 - Canada - Dollard-des-ormeaux

Today, I drove over an hour to my grandma's house for her birthday party. When she answered the door, her eyes went wide and she said angrily "No, not you!" and slammed the door shut in my face. FML
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"Family is forever!" - said everyone but grandma.

I want to know what you did to her to get that response.


Fr0gs 15

She seems unappreciative

What? That's not the vibe I got...........

This FML sort of reminds me of the one a little while back about OP going to see their neighbor and got the door slammed in their face

"Family is forever!" - said everyone but grandma.

this is perfect

yeyeboys 20

Sorry to hear you drove so far just for this to happen. You don't deserve that! Hopefully things get better OP!

I want to know what you did to her to get that response.

So does OP.

Well sorry that you drove all that way for that. But your grandma needs to chill.

Ohana means family and family means your grandma slams the door in your face

ChildrenOfFilth 12

And forgetting to take your meds.

grandma don't take no shit

Sounds like you need a new grandma. You can possibly buy a new one if you have the money???

where? do they accept trade ins? and what if my nana is dead? tell me the stipulations

ChildrenOfFilth 12

Are you familiar with Equivalent Exchange?

No one wants a homunculus as a grandma tho.

Great start off to Thanksgiving ?

My whole family is like this and that's why I don't do surprises.