By Anonymous - / Friday 17 July 2009 18:25 / United States
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  djb23  |  0

Quick! Everyone go to Craigslist-Colorado! seriously though, if you can prove that his intent was to get back at you/hurt you, i'm 99 percent sure you can sue his ass in civil court.

  regalarius  |  0

Wow, you guys are jerks. Clearly, a couple should never get intimate, or see each other naked, or know secrets about each other, right? In fact, they probably shouldn't be allowed to know each other's phone number or where they live until marriage...just to be safe, maybe they shouldn't be allowed to know what the other looks like, either.


  fanceh  |  10

oh my gosh, so many idiots here. he probably got the semi nude pics from her facebook... if somebody had the guts to send
erotic pics, why make them semi nude? why not completely...?

  snivellus  |  6

it's not her fault for trusting him, they were in a relationship, I'm pretty sure he made promises not to show anyone. it's his fault for being an asshole and breaking that promise. plus I'm pretty sure what he did is illegal. fyl.

  TokioCore  |  17

It was an asshole move of him to make the ad, yet if you keep or send nude pictures of yourself you should know that they could end in the wrong hands and deal with the consequences.

If you tell a friend a secret, then its not a secret anymore.

  deblogan  |  5

you do realize posting any form of provacative material of someone anywhere is a felon. what two people do in their relationship doesn't matter, a responsible adult or even just a decent person wouldn't retaliate a break up with such a low blow.

  Tubasaurus  |  0

There's been a lot of fraud cases on craigslist, and due to some weirdness with how it works it is very difficult to press charges. Worse things have gotten by on craigslist with no lawsuit.

  mj2123  |  0

There are two issues here - she can't sue Craigslist, as they're not legally responsible. She probably still has legal recourse against the ex. Depending on age, this could be considered distributing child pornography (even if she's 16 or 17, depending on the state - I don't know CO laws), and it's almost certainly harassment, as well as an invasion of privacy.

  simplyfucked  |  0

Not only that but she probably has some sort of action that she could take... I remember it from one of my business law classes.. it has something to do with public humiliation or along the lines of it..

By  perstephane  |  4

OP never said how long they were together - I'm not sure any girl would have qualms about sending a boyfriend she'd had for years a picture or two. If you didn't trust someone after that long to not publicly post pictures like that, you wouldn't be with them in the first place.