By ew - 15/09/2015 16:33 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my dad decided that campground bathrooms are disgusting and that on our upcoming camping trip, we'll have to keep a bucket of cat litter in our tent in case we want to go to the bathroom. FML
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And that's better....?

When camping, litter is bad. Whether you're dropping it or shitting in it. It's just bad.


That's beyond nasty..

And that's better....?

Lol talk about an executive decision gone shitty.

Now is a good time to think up a reason to not go

Or buy a new tent so you can sleep without that in your tent

Sounds like a pretty shitty situation.

mif_fml 27

You're so witty...

Sounds like an unhappy camper.

Campground bathrooms = Fuckin nasty Litter box in a tent = A-ok

When camping, litter is bad. Whether you're dropping it or shitting in it. It's just bad.

Especially since anything you bring you're supposed to leave with so you have to pack it out.

Waste(poop) is not litter with time it will disintegrate

Cat litter is not biodegradable and will fuck everything it touches nine ways to Sunday.

cat litter is made out of clay? if hybrid wouldn't it biodegrade? the only thing I can imagine it doing is adding extra chemicals into the ground. but going to the bathroom in the dirt has much the same affect and every animal in the forest does that.

Not all cat litter is made out of clay. Some of the chemicals and compounds in the litter are not biodegradable and should not be treated as such.

Hope an animal doesnt attack mid -crap

As a hygienic freak I'd probably cry myself to sleep over that.

worse than that. I'd be puking up my guts

Redoxx_fml 22

Purrhaps he's losing hiss mind

That can't be sanitary

Why did I get downvoted

You got down voted because you were just stating what is very obvious. You got down voted on your reply to your own comment because you were asking about your down votes.