By zachjm98 - Canada - Ottawa
Today, my teacher plugged the speakers into the wrong input on his computer, and said, "Oops, wrong hole", to which one of the students who often makes the same mistake said, "Story of my life". I understood it differently and started laughing. It would have been fine if the teacher wasn't her father. FML
zachjm98 tells us more :
OP here!! Wow, thanks for the funny comments, guys! If I knew this would have gotten featured so quickly I would have made an account beforehand! Anyways, quick follow-up: This "class" of mine is actually a co-op program in music for songwriting/recording/touring which I'm doing a second time now. My teacher knows me well, the student in question is my best friend and her father found the incident to be quite funny actually. All is good!
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  Recon13x  |  9

Well op the fml sure made it sound like shit went down, glad everything is cool.

I agree with #5, how is it you were the only one to laugh at that, I mean c'mon it was classic!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I know you're just making jokes and I'm not offended, but I also just want to state that I was homeschooled from kindergarten to grade 3 and also grade 5 and I loved it! I learnt so much more and was smarter being homeschooled than in public school. Also, we were often done by 12:00-1:00, which meant we got to play and do whatever we wanted the rest of the day. It taught me a lot about being self-disciplined and working on my own. Because I was homeschooled I learnt to read at age 4. And despite the stereotypes I was extremely social. I was involved in a lot of sports and classes and extra curricular activities so I was always with other kids, and we always got to do random field trips. Another really good part was we could take off a day (or few) anytime there was anything special or if there were any trips we wanted to go on; we weren't bound to a schedule. I hated being in public school and hated the time that was wasted. I was dying for the teacher to tell me what to do and then leave me alone to do it. I knew from being homeschooled that I could've learnt the same amount of material and had the same amount of work done in half the time (which is why we were usually done by 12:00). Trust me, homeschooling is awesome. It's basically the same as taking an online course vs being in class. Who doesn't want to do online courses? Work on your own time, your own schedule, while in your pjs if you want. Sounds good to me!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

And 34, although it is a stereotype I can also agree that there are a lot of kids that are homeschooled that are socially awkward (my brothers and I met quite a few at other homeschooling events; which we hated going to!). But there are also a lot who aren't. I think it's important that the kid is involved in a lot of sports or extracurricular activities so they still spend a lot of time socializing with other kids. We were in a lot sports and activities; swimming, soccer, baseball, figure skating, music lessons, etc, we did it all. I think that's extremely important to do for the social health and maturity of any homeschooled kid.


#57 Just saying, I'm pretty sure you being home schooled had nothing to do with how you learned to read at 4, as school (public or private) wouldn't have even started then anyway, and it is the parents' responsibility at that age to handle education regardless. I learned to read and do basic arithmetic when I was 3/4, because public school didn't even start until 2 years later.