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Today, my ex-boyfriend surprised me with a gorgeous, giant stuffed tiger as a belated birthday gift. I thought it was a lovely gesture until a friend told me she had thrown it in the dumpster behind our building this morning. FML
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See this is why he is your ex-boyfriend.

It's the thought that counts...?


It's the thought that counts...?

I would usually agree with this saying, but it was from the dumpster. Also OP said it was a belated birthday gift, so he forgot. It does not seem to me like he thought much about her or her special day.

It was sarcasm.

Seeing he got dumped over it - I suppose the thought DID count, just not in the good way.

When you ended it with " ...?" you came across as more of an idiot than someone using sarcasm.

It's the thought that counts...and he didn't put much in it.

You do realize just because it was a belated gift does not mean he forgot he could of been out of town so he couldn't give her a gift the day of

24, I don't think he got dumped over that. She dumped him previously.

See this is why he is your ex-boyfriend.

Yeah I can see why you'd dump him..

Maybe he related himself to the tiger as being 'dumped' and thought to rescue it. Maybe that's his subliminal message that he wants to be rescued by OP! :O

Appreciate recycling. he was gifting the earth as well as you.

You might wanna wash it :S

Or put it back where it came from.

That just roars of thoughtlessness and insensitivity...

Glad you threw him out like that tiger.

cryssycakesx3 22

they both were dumped.

Well at least he tried some other people would not have botherd

Wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't tried

He better be saving up for a ring.

Toss the dude. Keep the tiger! Why would anyone throw him away??

Well... one good reason is that he got it from a dumpster.

hes asking why was the tiger in the dumpster in the first place

it probably wasn't. I bet the friend was jealous and said that just to get them to break up.

Good thing that is your ex boyfriend, you don't need that in your life

I guess you could sense that your ex was not worth it to stay with.