By TanjinaRubbaiyat - 15/01/2010 08:49 - Bangladesh

Today, I was dumped at the surprise party I threw for my boyfriend. FML
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Well, it was a surprise for both of you.

Easy fix to the problem: 1- Walk over to his best friend 2- Get on you knees 3- Unzip his pants 4- Bite his cock off


I am not going to lie. THAT sucks. I would dump the birthday cake on his face. On the other hand, maybe he was planning to break up with you before you threw him the party? And if I were him, I wouldn't know how to break up with someone who did that for me. But I definitely wouldn't do it IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARTY someone threw for me. Either way he's an ass.

Well, it was a surprise for both of you.

lol...ii agree with 2

ohhhhh yeahhh!

Someone doesn't like surprises...

that sucks, atleast you got to eat some cake.

What Happens In Vegas...